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PS+ and PS Now.


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1 hour ago, CastletonSnob said:

I've never gotten PS+ or PS Now, so I've never played any of the free games they offer. Are they worth getting? I'm worried that Sony will discontinue them for the PS4 soon after the PS5 comes out.

There is no way in hell Sony is going to discontinue either PS+ or PS Now for the PS4 for a good few years after the launch of the PS5.  


Personally, if you're heavily into the PS ecosystem, you might as well get PS+.

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2 minutes ago, eggydoo said:

No point to PS+ if you haven't had it since you can't retroactively get games.  PS Now might be worth it now that you can download and play games locally.


I'd imagine down the line, the two will be merged. PS Now gives a ton of games, and I know PS4/PS2 can be played locally (PS3, due to the weird architecture, still doesn't have that ability). And the price was slashed in half for everything.

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If this is a genuine topic, you need to understand there is a vast difference between PS+ and PS Now. 

PS+ is Sony’s subscription to play online, and it comes with “free” games each month. It also might come with like extra cloud storage or something, but I’m too lazy to look that up. 


As far as those free games go:

As long as you subscribe, you accumulate the games that come out as long as you are a subscriber

If you have never had it before, you will be starting fresh with that month’s games. Also know that you have to add the games to your library or you will not obtain the game for your PS+ collection. 

PS Now is essential Sony’s version of game pass (or should i say game pass is Xbox’s version of PS Now). 

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