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Doug Ford replaces Ontario's license plates. New plates cannot be read at night.

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I don't like how states (and I guess provinces) try to get all fancy with shitty artwork and designs on license plates.  Just give me a solid color background with opposing color letters/numbers.  When I moved to NV I paid a little extra to do just that and got "1982" blue plates.  So much better looking and readable. https://dmvnv.com/platesblue.htm



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Other complaints one of my local stations was saying that they are way easier to forge to help steal cars. They said because they are just a sticker it is harder for cops to determine if they are real or not. Thieves use to take a pic of the old plates from the same car they were going to jack and place them on the same model with a printed picture behind a plate protector. Now it was easy to see if they were legit or fake because of the raised lettering. Much harder now because they are flat sticker on a metal backing. Look the same as say a photograph of a similar model car with the newer plate on their car.


Ford’s government is just trying to outdo Trump’s in stupidity. Thankfully he ain’t that that bad . . . yet. We shall see how he handles the teachers past this Friday when they ramp up their walkouts/protests

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