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Thoughts on the Risk of Rain games?


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Both of these games look really fun and I've read some excellent reviews of both, but I haven't seen much discussion of them on D1P.  I know RoR2 is still in early access, but I saw that it was out on Switch so I thought I'd see what the consensus here is.  Also, are they good single-player games?  I won't be playing online at all if I get them.

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Huge fan of the first, when you finally get that one run with the right kit you've been chasing after, you feel like an absolute monster. Which of course makes it feel pretty luck-based on early runs, but unless you get incredibly OP combinations you still need to be pretty good to beat it.

I really enjoyed the second for the few hours I put into it, seems to build upon the first in some cool ways, but I'm saving it until it's out of early access. Same as the first game, when you get an insanely OP build (which is easier with a friend and knowledge of the items and the willingness of one of you to absolutely nerf yourself into nothing so that you can watch the other demolish the universe) it's just super fun.

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