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Valve Bringing Online Play to Local Co-op Games on Steam


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Interesting. This is what the Parsec app does.

I assume that Steam will implement this in the same way, where the Host needs to stream their screen to all other players.

As long as the host has a very good connection, it works very well. 
I've played games like Crawl, Diner Bros, Octodad, Death Squared, Lego Marvel, and a whole lot more with Parsec.

Glad to see more options coming for Local co-op only games.

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6 hours ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

I thought there was a lot of work that went into game specific network code to make online play good.  This sounds like it will be hit-or-miss.


There is a ton of work that goes into a games netcode. But that's not what's happening here.

This isn't somehow giving the game the ability to have netcode.


The game still thinks it's being played locally.

Steam is broadcasting the hosts screen to all the other remote players (like a twitch livestream).

Steam is also detecting the other remote players controllers and emulating those controllers on the hosts computer, so that games think everyones controller is plugged into the hosts system.


This is how Parsec does it and it works well, as long as the host has good internet.

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