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Trump eyes mental institutions as answer to gun violence

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25 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

This is what the NRA gave him permission to focus on... so crazy considering that the Republicans were responsible for a lot of the state run mental institutions closing in the first place.

ACLU was responsible for that. They list it as one of their greatest accomplishments.

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17 minutes ago, Snaynay1 said:

ACLU was responsible for that. They list it as one of their greatest accomplishments.

Their involvement is dramatically overstated... it was The Republicans specifically under Reagan.


7 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:

Case in point.


Republican Governor Pataki shut down most of the state run mental hospitals in New York resulting in the epidemic of homeless people suffering from mental illness in NY in the 90's. Other Republican Governors and state legislatures did the same thing. I know there's been a misconception that the ACLU was responsible but like I said, that is in fact not true. The ACLU doesn't control budgets or public policy. You look up the history of mental health public policy in this country and like other things,  you'll see conservative Republicans standing in the way of common sense progressive public policy in the name of "self sufficiency" and "free markets".

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