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Missouri woman thought she had water in her ear...


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"[The medical assistant] ran out and said 'I'm going to get a couple more people,'" Torres revealed. "She then said 'I think you have an insect in there.' Now, I didn't panic because I didn't know what exactly it was, until she came back in. They told me it was a spider."

The woman continued: "They had a few tools and they worked their magic and got it out. She said [...] I looked OK, and I was lucky that I didn't get bitten by this recluse."



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16 hours ago, fuckle85 said:

I feel like that article might've downplayed the degree of poisonousness in a brown recluse bite just a tad 



I knew a person who was bit by one on his arm and didn't get it checked out for a couple days. They had to remove dead flesh all the way up his arm and he would have died had he waited any longer.

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