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  1. Still the whole package: script, performances, visuals, music, sound design and iconic scenes and quotable dialogue throughout. It's difficult to put into words how special Jurassic Park was when seeing it as a kid in theaters back in 93. There was palatable hype starting with screenshots in magazines, the marketing, action figures, trailers and so on. Then to actually go and watch the movie and have it be as good as it was, exceeding all expectations, talking about it with everyone the next day...the levels of hype and enjoyment it evoked...it isn't something that happens frequently. I don't feel nostalgia very often, but that movie is probably an exception.
  2. Video games, internet, sleep, podcasts, Netflix, food that I definitely spend a bit too much on but don't care, collecting action figures and cudding with puppers
  3. That nine minute game awards trailer...if that was a clip from a live action movie it would be just as amazing, which is something you can't say often about video games. Hopefully the upcoming reveal will show in depth what the gameplay is like.
  4. My mother, alive or not, is a pretty ridiculous person, so it's not like it would be an unreasonable take. I don't think parents should be respected just because they are parents.
  5. http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/20/an-ending/
  6. - Daenerys' character arc is one that would make my conservative grandparents quite happy "So much for the tolerant left!" etc - The scene of the fucking dragon realizing how evil the throne/an authoritarian monarchy was before any of the smartest human characters on the show. C'mon now - It almost felt like Tyrion while forming the council at any second was gonna say, "...but at what cost? Has anyone truly won, in this game of thrones?" - It got a bit dusty during the Brianne writing about Jamie scene, Arya and Jon saying goodbye and the Jon, Tormund and Ghost reunion scene. - I'm really, really happy things ended as well as they did for Tyrion. Maybe a little too well, but I honestly don't care. - I can't wait to wait a couple years and re-watch the show knowing how it ends so I can pick up on the tons of foreshadowing in earlier seasons.
  7. Three episodes, unfortunately: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/black-mirror-season-5-cast-premiere-date-trailer-1210653
  8. Anyone have a list going of games that are pretty much finished instead of works in progress? (takes more than a couple hours to finish, etc)? Something like Marbelous, for example.
  9. Cisgender, Hererosexual. Sounds like the account making that tweet might be trolling though
  10. I'm not! But mainly because of your despicably insensitive opinions on fat people in this thread (or LBGT - large big guys in t-shirts - to use the preferred nomenclature). How DARE you, sir. All of your opinions are hereby void because of that
  11. Welp. However while it's possible jgerighty's tweet was intended as a joke it could've still been tweeted to see how much potential interest there is in a new Splinter Cell game
  12. There's already a trilogy of trilogies about Skywalkers as well as possibly a trilogy or more of side stories taking place during that time. It's a big ass galaxy, there will be plenty more stories to tell.
  13. There's plenty of creative decisions that can be made to prevent any of that stuff coming off as weird/uncomfortable. In this case, have some characters who aren't intende to be deranged, cretinous mutantmonsters have cleft lips as well. Don't use creature design in a way that contextualizes the appearance of a cleft lip itself as something that should be a source of horror. Tons of ways to tackle it more empathetically without effecting the gameplay at all.
  14. Polygon has some hot takes, but I'm not so sure this is one of them. Some of the creature designs straight-up look like caricatures of someone born with a cleft lip (The part where he said the mutants look exactly like his baby pictures was hopefully exaggerated though, yikes). There's literally hundreds of ways to portray an enemy mutated creature without basing their creepiness off an existing medical condition that causes someone grief. It's insensitive and uncreative.
  15. Since SFLUFAN might be on the verge of going peak depressive nihilist again, it is time to inject some humor ITT which will also hopefully quell his rage
  16. Regardless of how anyone feels about how well the point the writers were trying to make in the recent episode was conveyed within the constrains of a TV show, ultimately the attempt of commentary on the evil that potentially resides in all humans, no matter how seemingly good, that is brought to the surface when given power is still fairly intact and can make for compelling storytelling and conversation. There's a complicated discussion to be had about how Dany's methods mirror both past and contemporary human actions and also how strategic they were in reaction to the politics of Westeros. How successfully did/can you achieve your goal of being a peaceful ruler when many of the soldiers in your armies during the siege are drunk on power and literally raping and pillaging the citizens? To what extent would that come back on you? How secure is your position of power when the citizens of Westeros are all alive to tell the tale, possibly distort the truth as it spreads? How necessary is it to nuke the city when you've already won the war in one evening in a gross display of power? To be concerned about the citizens not fearing you enough when you literally have the most dangerous weapon in the world perched on your castle as you sit on the throne? What would the domino effects of any siege of King's Landing be over time? etc
  17. Just checked in and it looks like things have calmed down since a day or two ago. Was trying to get some screenshots of the posts that were cheering her on as she nuked the city and the ones still defending her as a character or saying there was no indication she could be a villain, but that side of the argument has pretty much given up the ghost now at least
  18. BTW, the remaining books might not be coming, but if anyone does want something GoT-related that's entertaining to read, check out the official GoT thread on Resetera where tons of users, many with Dany avatars, are absolutely livid about the events of last week's episode. Yowza!
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