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Snowflake from Snowflake AZ warns patriots that America is "browning"

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State Senator Sylvia Allen reads research as a warning sign instead of you know... demographic information.





"Another thing that Dr. Johnson talked about is the 'Browning of America,'" Allen said. "That America is fast becoming ... we're going to look like South American countries very quickly."


Allen, a Snowflake resident who represents a legislative district comprising parts of Coconino, Gila, Yavapai, and Navajo counties, raised alarm over the declining birth rates of whites in the United States.


"The median age of a white woman is 43. The median age of a Hispanic woman is 27," Allen said. "We are not reproducing ourselves, the birthrates. But here's what I see is the issue. It's because of immigration."


Here's some fun info about her from Wikipedia not related to this topic. I'm shocked that somebody who would say racist things would also be involved in other things that are also terrible:


In 2017, while Chairwoman of the Arizona Senate Education Committee, The George Washington Academy charter school, of which she is a co-owner and co-founder, received an "F" Grade[11] from the Arizona Department of Education.


During her tenure as a county supervisor, Allen was said to have attempted to interfere with an internal investigation into the conduct of her son-in-law, a detention officer, with female inmates in the Navajo County jail, where he worked. K.C. Clark, the Navajo County Sheriff, threatened to arrest her if she continued to interfere.[12] In March 2015, Allen filed a senate bill that would provide detention officers, like her son-in-law, with greater protections from disciplinary investigations.[12] Allen has indicated that she was made aware of misdeeds within the jail and that she informed the Sheriff believing he would want to know. According to Allen, that is when her son-in-law was targeted and she discovered the Sheriff was both aware of and part of the problems in the jail. The Sheriff (a Democrat) has made several accusations that outside groups have spread throughout Allen's district to defeat her in the 2016 General Election. Allen has countered the Sheriff's claims by pointing out that she has the endorsement of several police associations.


Speaking at a June 2009 Rural Development and Retirement Committee hearing regarding a uranium mine, Allen said the world was "6,000 years old."[13]


During a March 2015 Senate committee hearing on a bill that would relax concealed carry restrictions pertaining to public buildings, Allen, a member of the LDS Church, suggested that attending Sunday church services should be compulsory for Americans.[14][15] Arizona state senate Democrat Steve Farley argued that even if church attendance might prove beneficial for society at large, Allen's proposal was a clear violation of separation of church and state laws,[16] including the First Amendment to the US Constitution.[17]


In part of a speech she gave in July 2019, Allen lamented the "browning" of the United States[18], claiming that the country would "look like South American countries very quickly", and complained that immigrants failed to "learn the principles of our country". When contacted by media outlets, Allen attempted to clarify by saying the reason this concerned her was that she viewed many South American countries as "socialist". These remarked were quickly denounced by many Arizona Democrats. Within the same speech, Allen claimed that "our boys are struggling to know how to be men" due to "this feminist movement" which was "destroying our families", and denounced the Equal Rights Amendment.


She sounds like a lovely person that I would absolutely love to spend time with.

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I honestly don't know why people even try to mask what they're saying anymore. 


Like, I'm not convinced if Republicans just came out and said, "yeah it probably is our lack of gun control that is the major contributing factor to these mass killings, but we favor protecting the second amendment over stopping these attacks," that they would receive any less support. 


The white nationalists are becoming more and more emboldened to just say it. Why don't we all just jump right in. 

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