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Two votes (and Cuomo being a turd as usual) could be all that is standing between recreational marijuana and passage in New York's Senate

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Harckham, D-South Salem, Westchester County, said he is not supportive of Krueger’s current bill. He said the legislation doesn't address the needs of law enforcement, schools and public-health officials, nor provide additional state aid for them.

"This is something we have been telling our kids is illegal and bad for them, and now we’re making it legal," he said. "We need public-service education money to let folks know about the impacts and effects of marijuana."



Cuomo on Monday said passing the marijuana measure is "not feasible" this year since Krueger has acknowledged there aren’t enough votes lined up with less than 10 working days remaining in the Legislature’s annual session, which ends June 19.

“I am saying I don’t think as we sit here with 10 days left the Senate has the votes,” Cuomo said Tuesday on WNYC-FM. “The reason I say that is because they said they don’t have the votes, so I am just taking them at their word.”

Krueger countered that Cuomo, the most-powerful Democrat on the state level, could help persuade on-the-fence members of his party by enthusiastically embracing her marijuana bill, which would legalize, tax and regulate the drug and incorporates many of Cuomo’s proposals.



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What poison pills did Democrats put in the New York legislation where they can't count on a single Republican vote? Illinois's legislature passed legalization with a bipartisan vote because they compromised on certain details. I don't think there has been any real attempt to make it a bipartisan effort in NY.

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