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Ontario reverting to old sex-ed curriculum in fall, education minister says

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3 minutes ago, SilentWorld said:

wtf is wrong with people 

The evolution of humanity has always been a terrible numbers game, with a few enlightened people working diligently and passionately to address the never ending stream of issues that the rest of the species creates through their collective output of selfish, myopic fuckery. :sun:


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The outrage was that the Liberal government started sex ed in Kindergarten, and conservatives flipped their shit. But it wasn't teaching about sex at all (that early), it was just introducing them to concepts like sex and gender. Then as they got older other things were introduced like orientation, and eventually intercourse and related activities (including safe sex). 


This will eliminate any instruction on orientation, gender identity, and social media/web stuff. It's a huge step backward, but that's what the people of Ontario deserve for voting in a drug dealer.

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