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4 minutes ago, The def star said:

Does the PC version have NJPW update?



NJPW Update + UI Update coming to Steam August 28!

As confirmed in this interview. http://videogamechoochoo.com/ceo-2018-fire-pro-wrestling-interview/

UI update will be a free update. NJPW wrestlers + Story Mode will be DLC. No word on price yet.

Other interesting facts from that interview:

- The PS4 port is basically done.
- 50 new moves total with NJPW update.
- SWA - the fake default wrestlers - will have a part in the Story Mode. Spike made cartoon avatars for them in the style of Fire Pro Wrestling G.
- Fire Promoter is coming this year.
- "And just to keep everybody busy while we're coming up with these new DLCs, we'll be pushing out free move packs."

Go to http://www.fpwarena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2589 for the full interview transcription.




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I'm so Damm excited this game for this I found a $10 copy of old Fire Pro on the Gameboy Advance on ebay to tide me over for the time being which came in the mail earlier today. The detail of customization on the GBA is amazing for such an old game. I was able to make The Rock, with a little help from the internet and just playing in the options. Was able to find the People's elbow and Rock bottom moves.

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