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Sony Patents Prescription VR Glasses


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Filed last week, this patent describes a system in which a VR headset (like Sony’s own PlayStation VR) would track a user’s glasses rather than their eyes. This would make tracking smoother and less confused while wearing glasses in VR. The glasses themselves would need some adjustments, some kind of embedded tech for the headset to register. But that could just be in the frame.


The lenses themselves would still be a user’s prescription so they could, you know, actually see the game. There’s already precedent for tech takes on prescription glasses, like the Gunnar Haus Computer Glasses. This is just the next, VR step.



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Mostly unrelated, but last week at Cinemacon I spent a couple of hours with five of Sony’s engineers in their cinema products division and it was interesting see how different they are in terms of business culture. Very formal.

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