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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn - Teaser Trailer


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Slated for release in March 2019, EPISODE ARDYN offers players a chance to step into the role of FINAL FANTASY XV’s main antagonist. Set before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV, players will learn more about Ardyn’s backstory in a story of death and restoration.


Also FFXV Multiplayer Comrades is getting a standalone release: 



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3 hours ago, Nokt said:

It’s too bad they cancelled the other DLC’s.



Sounds like the fallout was really bad.  Square just didn't want to invest any more in FFXV.  I think they should have finished it out regardless - the FF franchise is really suffering under the weight of its bloat, and it doesn't instill confidence in the franchise in the future.

I'll might never play FFXV now after learning it was never truly 'finished.'

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