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Christian Horner -- Team Principal for Red Bull Racing under investigation for inappropriate behaviour towards female employee

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Red Bull’s team principal will meet with external barrister in Milton Keynes following complaint by staff member

Christian Horner will be questioned on Friday as part of an independent investigation into his conduct after allegations of inappropriate controlling behaviour were made against the Red Bull team principal.

Horner has denied the claims and will meet with the external barrister tasked with leading the investigation at Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes at the end of the week. The hope is to conclude the investigation before the launch of the 2024 car next week.

The 50-year-old is fighting to save his career following a complaint believed to have been made by a female member of staff and taken up with the team’s owner, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull, rather than the Formula One team itself. Red Bull Racing has still to make any formal comment regarding the allegations.


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As someone that follows F1, Horner does seem like exactly the kind of guy that would end up with these kinds of allegations, but this is still a bit of a surprise.


The fact that it's the Red Bull drink company doing the investigation makes this a complicated situation. Horner doesn't own the F1 team, but he's been in charge of it since it's started in 2005, and they've been one of the most successful teams on the grid since. It's not literally his team, but it really is his team.


If he were to be removed it would be a massive shock.

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34 minutes ago, best3444 said:


Monster tastes like butt. It makes me sick in the stomach, too. Redbull kinda tastes like a slightly carbonated soda. It's pretty good. 

It’s light and refreshing I agree 

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