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Cyber attack on Lurie Children's Hospital

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A network outage at Lurie Children's Hospital has impacted phones, email and internet service as the hospital investigates a "cyber security matter."

Cyber security experts said cyberattacks are on the rise and will continue to increase. Hospitals used to be off limits, but not anymore; experts say they've become top targets because they don't typically have the budget or staff to prevent sophisticated attacks and it's profitable.

"Hospitals are a treasure trove of private data. Hospitals have so much information about us or medical histories, financial documents, insurance," said Ray Klump, cybersecurity expert.

"The hackers are using the information that the steal and then they start using that information against patients because health care information is much more rich than just credit info," said Pete Nicoletti of Check Point Software.


Seems like this is going to continue to get worse.

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This happened at my hospital last year, locked out a bunch of data on various research, clinical trials etc, the university just paid it as it was easier and they needed the data as several of the trials were active experimental therapies.

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I really don't even know what could be done about this short of some kind of diet Dune scenario where email is banned. Having thousands of staff members be one errant click away from completely fucking over the entity they work for is just not sustainable. I "fell" for one of the phishing scam tests at my job when my mouse battery was dead; when I went to mouse over a URL in the email to see where it was going to take me, my trackpad registered moving my mouse as a click. Harmless in my case but if it'd been a real phish? Cooked. And if Jim Browning can be scammed into temporarily losing his YouTube channel, nobody's safe.


This says nothing of situations where things like Strava revealing the location of military bases and routes.


Something's going to have to give and I don't know what it'll be or what it's going to take.

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