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Just on the way home after spending three days at Disneyland Paris


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I mean, firstly what a wonderful trip. I went with my wife, daughter (3), sister, brother-in-law and niece (5) and everyone had a mega fun time. There’s always the feeling that you’d like more time, but apart from two rides, we did everything we wanted to do.


My favourite, subtle win however has been budgeting a stupid amount of money, just in case, and returning with maybe half of it? It did help that a lot of our trip was prepaid (food, hotel, transfers, flights, entry), but still - not a bad way to enter 2024.


We think we might look to go to California in 5 years time so that’ll be fun! Also probably just enough time to save up to go at either Christmas, Easter, or over the Summer.

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10 minutes ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

I'm genuinely impressed by your budgeting acumen, especially for that type of endeavor! :bow:

It helped having a lot with us, but seemingly each adult did a similar thing so even with presents, toys, food, the odd fast track it wasn’t horrific. Though in reflection, most sites say to bring £1500 for a 3 day trip…which I think we all ended up doing. 

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