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Disney Set to Buy Hulu From Comcast For 8 Billion Dollars

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The Bob Iger-led company will have to pay at least $8.61 billion for the 33 percent stake in the streamer, with a deal expected to be closed in 2024.




Disney has agreed to take full control of Hulu in a deal with Comcast, which has owned a third of the streamer ever since Disney’s acquisition of the 21st Century Fox entertainment assets.

Starting in November, Comcast has had a put option to require Disney to take over its stake, while Disney has had the right to tell Comcast to sell it its stake. As per an agreement between the two companies, Hulu was set to get a fair market value assessment from independent experts, but the guaranteed minimum Hulu valuation of $27.5 billion means that Disney knew it had to cough up at least $9 billion.


In the filing Wednesday, Disney said that it expects to pay $8.61 billion by Dec. 1 (meeting the floor valuation), though it will go through the appraisal process to determine the final appraisal of Hulu’s value, and how much (if any) the company will need to pay beyond the $8.61 billion number.


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8 hours ago, Spork3245 said:

What happens to the Comcast/NBC content? I know some has been shifting to Peacock (or being put on Peacock simultaneously) already but now it seems like Hulu’s value could drop.


My guess is in the short to medium term it's status quo, then once they lose enough of the licenses they just make Hulu a subheader on D+. No reason to run two completely separate platforms once you own both of them, except that there's probably a bunch of material they contractually can't just immediately move to D+. 

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