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Opposition wins Polish election, according to exit poll

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If vote counting confirms the result, it would mark a dramatic change of direction after a very hard-fought election campaign.


WARSAW — Poland’s opposition parties look like they’ve won a solid victory in the country’s general election — and if the result holds it signals a radical change both in Poland and in the EU, where the current Law and Justice (PiS) party government has warred for eight years with Brussels over accusations it’s backsliding on the bloc’s democratic rules.

It’s a stunning defeat for PiS, which has been in power since 2015. 


The party mobilized the full resources of the state to help it win, and it was also strongly backed by state media — which are firmly in the ruling party’s camp. However, PiS was hobbled by a growing number of scandals — including allegations that officials were selling visas for bribes. Eight years of tensions and social conflict, with fights over abortion, rule of law, grain imports from Ukraine, and awful relations with the EU, which has frozen the payout of billions over rule of law worries, also eroded support for PiS.



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Technically, the ruling right-wing party did win the most seats, but will more than likely be unable to form a government because the three leading opposition parties will be able to form a coalition government.


This also means that Hungary's Viktor Orban lost one of his closest allies in the EU (though he recently gained one from the recent Slovak elections).

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1 hour ago, CitizenVectron said:

This is a good thing, correct?

I think it’s great news. It is a rejection of Poland going the path of Hungary. The opposition should be more supportive of the EU. I am not knowledgeable enough to say anything more, but seems good to me!

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