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live onboard cruise ship for 3 years for $38,000 per year


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Life at Sea cruises get a bigger boat.



Life at Sea cruises, which announced plans for a three-year world cruise that will cover over 130,000 miles and hit all seven continents and 135 countries in March, says it has acquired a newer, larger vessel to accommodate more than 200 additional passengers.


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The way it’s worded as “for three years” makes it sound like you can’t get out if you wanted to and you’re trapped lol


That’s what like 2900 a month rent? That’s not bad if you really like the water or whatever. Idk maybe if you were old and had trouble getting around this would be a way to see sights while not having to move around a lot? idk, I’d have to see the environmental cost savings of having that many people live with each other and not driving vs a huge water city rolling around 

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I remember roughly 20+ years ago, job opportunities for living on a vessel for 6-12 months while working in the kitchens, but it was like 80+ hours/week while the pay was equivalent to what they're offering people to pay them to live aboard now ... why do I have this feeling things aren't making any sense anymore?

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