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Titus (TV show) had a two-part reunion special in 2020

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I wound up rewatching this show over the past several weeks as my wife never saw it before and I remembered loving it back in the 2000s. Apparently Christopher Titus and all of the (main) original cast made a two-part reunion special and finale that picks up where the series originally ended. I was about to cave and purchase it but Chris Titus posted the entire thing on his YouTube account a couple months ago:



All the actors jumped back into their characters fairly well, though I’m not sure I love the direction they took overall. Either way, it was a nice surprise for me after rewatching the series.

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31 minutes ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:


Judging form his other videos, he genuinely appears to be pretty solidly "liberal", if not outright "left".


Yep, that's what I was saying! I'm surprised he didn't become far-right :p

 I think he was mostly center with a slight left lean awhile ago but claimed to be a "Regan Republican", but now he's basically "fuck those assholes"

I was a little concerned to watch his newest specials, but now I'll probably go ahead and watch them :lol:

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