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Behaviour predates humans by tens of millions of years but evolutionary purpose is less clear, scientists say




Evolutionary biologists have traced the origins of masturbation to ancient primates that predate the first humans by tens of millions of years.


The findings emerged from what scientists believe is the largest dataset ever compiled on the activity, and confirm that humans arose on a branch of the tree of life replete with self-pleasuring predecessors.


“What we can say is this behaviour was present around 40m years ago, in the common ancestor of all monkeys and apes,” said Dr Matilda Brindle, the lead researcher on the study at University College London. “It’s not that some species woke up one day and started doing it. This is an ancient, evolved trait.”


Brindle and her colleagues delved deep into the history of the behaviour in the hope of understanding the origins of what at first glance seems an evolutionary conundrum. From an evolutionary perspective, masturbation appears costly, distracting, wasteful, even risky.


To reconstruct the history of the act, the scientists pulled together hundreds of publications, questionnaire responses and personal notes about masturbating primates from primatologists and zoo keepers. They then mapped the information on to primate evolutionary trees, revealing how the activity reached back through time.



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I still have such conflicting feelings on masturbation. I'm Christian so it goes against what I believe in but it's almost impossible not to masturbate at some point.


I tried like 30 days of no masturbation and then one morning I was in the shower cleaning my dick and I got to fuckin horny I basically busted a nut within 1 minute. It's inevitable and it must be done. Now, I use porn too which makes me feel dirty but I just don't know what to do lol.

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