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Silent Hill: Ascension, A Global Interactive Experience - October 31 9:00PM ET


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SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎follows multiple main characters from locations around the world tormented by new and terrifying SILENT HILL monsters. Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they're drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long suppressed guilt and fears.


In SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎the actions of millions will determine the outcome. By the time the last scene streams, which characters have survived? Will those who are left be redeemed, damned, or suffer? Even the project’s creators do not know how SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎will end. Instead, the character’s fates are in the audience’s hands.


Long-time fans of SILENT HILL and newcomers alike have a lot to look forward to with the launch of SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎later this year.


“We’ve gone the extra mile to create a dreamlike world in SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎with disturbing, hyper-detailed characters, other-worldly monsters, immersive atmospheres, and an overall audio and visual design that our team is very proud of,” said Chris Amaral, Art Director at Bad Robot Games. “The detailed environments, the eerie ambiance, and the realistic characters and monsters should really enhance the horror experience, creating something that is pure SILENT HILL, while also feeling unique for the franchise.”


This time around you won’t be experiencing fear alone. Instead, you, along with a global audience, will have direct and permanent influence over how the fate of the characters and story plays out. It is your chance to shape the canon of SILENT HILL forever.


"SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological horror that has made the SILENT HILL series so beloved by fans worldwide. For the first time in the SILENT HILL history, the collective audience will be able to influence the story, determining crucial outcomes for the complex, evolving characters in this series,” said Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Entertainment.


Motio Okamoto, a producer of the SILENT HILL series for Konami Digital Entertainment had to say, “SILENT HILL fans and horror audiences everywhere have a lot to look forward to. We are pleased to tell a new interactive story, in never-before-explored locations, alongside new characters that will be introduced to fans of the SILENT HILL universe. It is you who will decide the fate of multiple main characters, which will unfold simultaneously around the globe.”


So, that really leaves one big question: What legacy will you leave on SILENT HILL?


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  • Keyser_Soze changed the title to Silent Hill: Ascension, A Global Interactive Experience - October 31 9:00PM ET
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Well I watched the first episode for those like @Derek who care.


The episodes are 24 minutes long and it's only been one episode so far so hard to really judge one way or the other. It doesn't seem bad. It is Silent Hill in the way that traumatic experiences happen and you see creepy monsters but mostly it's just setting up what's going on between some people in Sweden and some other people in Philadelphia.

Most interesting is that it seems most people are voting for the "good" decisions, I would have expected trolls to show up to this in full force and really force some bad decisions. That being said, like most things in life, I would avoid reading chat.


The td;dr if you hate videos like @stepee is you have 24 hours to watch the episodes and vote before the next one comes on. However, at the moment only one vote has a 24 hour expiration while the 2 other have a 3 day expiration which probably means after tomorrow the next episode will be on Monday, so if you have any interest in voting and you missed out you can still make some decisions.


I would be really interested to hear from someone like @TwinIon or @Greatoneshere who could do a deep dick dive into this and write a 4 page essay about it.


Also, I did say "make sure to download" above but you can also just go to ascension.com and watch there.

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7 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:

This is not getting great press online:


Yep, if anyone watched the video I posted you'd see that this thing has a $20 season pass up front. To that I say, good luck with that since it is more than any streaming service. If it was like $2 it might be worth a buy for a chuckle.


As it is you can watch everything free though.

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