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It was a 100 degrees in Houston when I got to the airport, and 65 in Santa Monica tonight


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I was very surprised by how unprepared my body was for nice weather 😂


It was 105+ this weekend when I was in Abilene, so 65-70 feels like the arctic right now.


Steven was my favorite Uber driver. I actually enjoy the chatty types. Artur seemed like a Eastern European thug type from a GTA game, 4 stars at best but gets 5 because he may track my family down and murder them.


We had a nice dinner at a place called The Lobster, the seared tuna was quite tasty. The server Natalie was also very helpful and gave some good drink recommendations. We finished the evening with a walk around the tourist trap pier there in Santa Monica. A lovely night.


Baseball stuff tomorrow




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5 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

You've lost a lot of weight!

I am down around 70 from my heaviest. 188-189, which I haven’t been since I was a young teen.

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