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Limp Biscuit postpones European Tour due to concerns about Mr. Durst's health.

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10 hours ago, Derek said:

Limp Bizkit has postponed their remaining tour dates following concerns over frontman Fred Durst's health


Hope he's alright and they can tour the US soon. Sounds like he may have the Covey. 

Are you a Limp Bisquick fan?

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Their latest music kind of sucks.




I fucking hated Limp Bizkit when I was a kid. I was way too cool for them (I was groomed to be a punk/metal gatekeeper from practically before I could read). As I've gotten older and re-listened to some of their music, I have to admit that a lot of it was actually really fucking good. Not all of it, and they certainly had more than their fair share of cringy shit, but they made a lot of music that was objectively good.


Ultimately Limp Bizkit just hit a late-90's bingo card for making it in the rock scene. I've seen a lot of people over the years say "Limp Bizkit would have been a lot better if they never had Fred Durst." I guarantee you that you never would have even heard of Limp Bizkit if they didn't have Fred Durst. 


Wes Borland, John Otto, and Sam Rivers are all fucking S-tier musicians. Pair them with basically the greatest hype man of the late 90's in Fred Durst, and you have a winning package.

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9 hours ago, Phaseknox said:

Are you a Lump Bisquit fan?

For me, they're like one of those groups, that you start playing one of their songs... to be funny and before you know it, you're playing them all and singing along to them.

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