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I woke up to an allergic reaction today


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I'm not sure what that was about. Maybe something bit me while I was asleep? I woke up because I was having trouble breathing. My face was swollen as shit.


It just makes you think, like... That could have been it. I could have just died from anaphylaxis right there in my bed.


You ever think about stuff like that? One of the DJs at the club I work at had a stroke last week. She's like 40-ish. A stroke or an aneurysm can happen at any time for any number of reasons.

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9 hours ago, Fizzzzle said:

You ever think about stuff like that?

Kind of. Before garbage day I need to take the trash can up a set of cement stairs. And I don't know why, but sometimes an image of myself pops into my head of me falling up the stairs landing mouth first on the edge of a step and then my teeth practically exploding on impact. Best visual reference


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