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State of Oregon determines Walmart broke the law when it refused to sell gun to a teenager

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The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found this week that a Walmart store in St. Helens violated the state's nondiscrimination laws when it refused to sell a rifle to a woman who was not yet 21 years old.


Hannah Brumbles, 18, of Deer Island, Ore., filed a civil rights complaint with the state agency in April. She says Walmart discriminated against her by refusing to sell her a rifle, even though Oregon law says individuals over 18 may legally purchase firearms. BOLI agrees.


After stores stopped selling guns to young people under 21 in the wake of a mass shooting in Florida, Oregon teenagers revolted—filing three complaints alleging stores were violating the state constitution by discriminating on the basis of age.


Two previous complaints filed with BOLI were withdrawn before the agency could finish its civil rights investigations.

Brumbles' case is set for a hearing in November to determine damages, which could be as high as $5,000.

It also sets a precedent: Stores are legally obligated to sell guns to 18-year-olds in Oregon, unless lawmakers act.



I called this back in the spring.  Walmart and other stores in Oregon who changed their firearms policy for 18-20 year olds would be found in violation of state law.  

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10 minutes ago, Chadatog said:

I guess right to refuse service doesn't protect your beliefs if they go against the NRA


Oregon's anti-discrimination law encompasses many traits, including age.  You cannot refuse service or sale to someone based on their age in the state, if the person is otherwise legally allowed to purchase a service or product. State and federal law says you you must be at least 18 to purchase a long gun, so the stores within the state have no choice but to follow the law.  This is the same law that got that cake shop into a lot of trouble for refusing to sell a couple a gay wedding cake. 


Relevant Oregon law, ORS 659A.400

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1 hour ago, Rodimus said:

So all Oregon Teenagers hit the bar. Hurry they can't deny you. Hurry age is just a number. go get your drivers licensee when ever you want. 

 The law has a specific carve out for Alcohol and marijuana.  There is no carve out for gun sales.

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