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It be raining!

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'This storm has exceeded our expectations in terms of rainfall amounts and wind.'

Heavy rain in Northern California unleashed mud and debris flows and shut down at least one critical highway by Sunday morning.

Moderate to heavy rain fell across Northern California heading into a weekend that's expected bring stormy weather to the drought-ravaged state, which is...

UPDATE: The National Weather Service in Reno issued a Flood Warning on Sunday afternoon for western Carson City, Douglas County, northern Lyon County, Storey County, southern Washoe County...

Reno,NV will probably get more moisture from this storm compared to the previous 9 months!



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We had 100mph wind last night down here. Big rigs were parked in every spot they could fit around town. The one gas station had them 4 deep in areas and they were still trying to find space. 

When the sun starts coming up I am going to have to do a walk around to see if there is any damage to the house. I do know a few tree were down about town about 8ish last night but the winds kept on until about 2am. 

EDIT: Just check our weather station on the house and we had one gust of 115.5 around 6:30pm yesterday. 

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Doing the walk around this morning. It looks like we only lost one shingle (quick replace after the rain passes). The wind did more damage to our garage as it tore our rain gauge off the roof mounting (it was bolted to location). I have no idea where it got off to. After last night it could be the next county over. It also slightly lifted part of the garage roof causing a leak. Thankfully the garage is separate from the house and insurance will be out as soon as they can as they have a ton of calls from town right now. Oh and the cover for my smoker is missing. Don't know how but it was lifted off the smoker and is just gone now. 

Around town it is a mess. A group of the semis that were parked at one of the gas stations parked themselves in a drainage area, and now need to be towed out of said area. The South and East parts of town are just a mess. roofs from houses are all over the place. The only grocery store in town has all their cold cases blocked off from access because of how often we have lost power. But at least we now have steady rain for the first time in months. 

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I was driving around the east bay yesterday doing some last min errands and visiting my nieces... Might sound contradictory but the rain was not that bad in my area. Visibility was somewhat low to moderate and there was localized flooding in all the usual spots but overall not as bad as I'm seeing other people making it seem, in my local area. There's a clip floating around of a big rig with an empty trailer that got blown around on one of the bridges in the north bay i believe, that must've been scary for the driver and the people/cars in it's path.

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