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Sex Education is the best show on Netflix


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If you think I'm incorrect, watch seasons 1-3 and tell me your thoughts. It's trending online right now and is the most popular show on Netflix. It's excellent!


I'm finishing up season 3 tonight. I ran into this series randomly and it's terrific. I'm sad I'm almost finished with it 😪 

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46 minutes ago, ort said:

Does it give you tips for fucking or what?


It's based off a high school experience with the lead characters mother being a sex therapist. There are tips given out throughout the show but it's a mix of comedy, drama, and love stories. It's mostly high-school kids fucking and all that comes with that. 

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9 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Although it explains why OP likes it so much. :thinking:


Lol. I just really like the characters and story. It's based in the UK and it's shot in a beautiful location. It's really up to date with sexual orientations etc. The woman from X-Files is the sex therapist and she does an amazing job in this, too. I'm close to finishing it because I thought last night was the last episode. You guy's should really give it a watch.

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