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I hate Newegg

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I ordered some parts on the weekend and most of them came in today. I just checked the current prices of what I got and 3 items are lower now. CPU is $40 (CAN) cheaper, SSD is $20 cheaper and motherboard is $15 cheaper. So $75 in total or about $86.25 with tax (possibly more if shipping was affected). The delivery date was actually supposed to be tomorrow, maybe they hurried it out to prevent me from canceling and reordering :|


On the bright side, the 5800X had briefly went up $40 before going back down so at least the current price isn't $80 less than what I paid. On the other hand, had the price not just dropped $40 I might have waited and then placed the order now instead. I didn't want to risk my current PC dying (i5 2500k) with chip shortages and the potential for further price hikes and instead prices went down  :beatup:


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The items don't have the price match guarantee on them so no. From what I found if it was the regular price that dropped you might be able to get store credit but these are all inflated regular price but almost always discounted and it just so happened that the discount increased. The 2 items with the biggest drop currently have free shipping so if it wasn't for the restocking fee I could return them and reorder them and the return shipping should be less than the price difference.

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