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Yasuke - Black Samurai Anime with Music by Flying Lotus [April 29, 2021]

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I watched the first couple of episodes and I think it's pretty good. It's only 6 episodes long so I can see this one wrapping up quite quickly.


I think the animation is mostly good. The characters have a ton of detail on them, background environments look good sometimes and other times kinda iffy, and I think some character details like the shading on the armor or even the wood on the boat look not that great. Also, I hate to be that guy but maybe the animation could have used a few more in-betweens because sometimes the actual movement doesn't look so fluid at times.


I was somewhat expecting this to be a show more grounded in reality but it seems that Lesean Thomas and Flying Lotus wanted to pump up the show anime to the max so



You'll see some robots, some lady transforming into a bear and other supernatural wonders


It didn't make me enjoy it any less but that probably would be a turnoff for some, but if you can get into it it's pretty cool.


Speaking of Flying Lotus I think the soundtrack is pretty fantastic, and stay for the end credits because they are beautiful.

I'm not done yet but I think the show is good and will continue to watch, obviously.


As a side note this was obviously written and originally acted in English and the way to watch it, but there is a Japanese dub that doesn't sound half bad either. That being said I am watching in English. :p

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Well, I wrapped this up tonight (not that it's too difficult to do with this show :p )


I think after the first couple of episodes you come to terms with some of the more fantastical elements, but I also think that  even after you come to terms there's somewhat a shift and the show takes on a more traditional / spiritual / magical aspect which I think is a little more enjoyable. At only six episodes I think the pacing is quite high yet they still fit enough backstory and such in, though it is perhaps a bit too fast for you to make an emotional connection. That being said I think by the end Saki became one of my favorite characters.


I stand by most of what I said about the animation. The characters are very detailed and that's great. Daimyo remind something out of Thundercats. I was still a little bothered by how the armor looked and the leather on Nikita. I thought the CG effects were pretty good, very plentiful towards the end. They kind of mask a lot of the more motion heavy animation which as I noted earlier doesn't look as smooth at times.


The voice acting is pretty good I though. I really only listened to the English dub and from what I gather most of these people are professional voice actors. The issue with that is it kind of makes Stanfield stand out as not being a voice actor (though I guess he's got some experience with BoJack Horseman). He sounds a bit uneven at times and even in the video above he admits that he wants to get into voice acting more. I can understand at the beginning him sounding a bit drab because he was a sad drunk but later on some of the readings sound kinda off, but he does an alright job most of the time.


I'm not sure if they will make more episodes but I would welcome some more. They could take a Castlevania approach where the first season feels kind of like a proof of concept thing and the next seasons get more episodes and a more fleshed out and slower paced story.

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