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Debris is a new show on NBC/Peacock

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And you should NOT watch it! I did, and I want my time back. Its over serious, half baked, and plays out like someone trimmed a one hour show down to 30 minutes. Several baffling decisions were made here! Learn from my mistake and just don't watch it! 


If this show were rated by Wade it would receive a "Jesus Christ!" 

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14 minutes ago, Brick said:

What's it about?... 

Ostensibly it’s about solving the mysteries surrounding alien space ship debris that has fallen to Earth. In reality, it’s about prematurely cashing in on relationships to sell the plot when said relationships haven’t, from the viewers perspective, even been established. Terrible, rushed, hollow.

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It was okay. Watched the pilot, or should say half watched as I tend to be doing other stuff while watching most TV shows. Seemed like they were planting a lot of seeds to be explored later on the down the road. The real problem? I doubt they'll ever get there. Sci-fi shows on there main networks rarely take off and last more than a season or two. 

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