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  1. While there's still some debate on twitter over trump being a bigot, everyone can agree he's a narcissist, right? What happens if it's revealed Trump's plan all along was/is: phase 1: Run as a republican while everyone is still good and angry at 'bama. Dogwhistle nazis, racists, nationalists, sexists, homophobes, the "i'm one of the nice conservatives" conservatives, christian fundamentalists, people who love Trump products and shows to amass the voting numbers to get him elected phase 2: gets elected. now, to maintain the profile and appease his base, keeps up the bigotry, shock jock humor, clowning, trolling for the purpose of taking attention off the fact that he's dismantling the GOP and gathering intel on his cabinet phase 3: be the catalyst that makes conservatives look worse and worse over time. Republicans have always looked bad in recent history, but have been like that rich uncle or eccentric grandfather you still spend emotional labor on at white thanksgiving. Trump's plan now is to show the GOP as the swamp uncle nobody sends greeting cards to, and ultimately the supervillains of our time. phase 4: This is where the trojan horse megaton starts to reveal itself. After attempts to build the massive wall, after scaring everyone by pretending to enact many more of the oppressive policies, and as each of them are reduced or shot down, something seems off. He HAD to have predicted this would happen, right? So... phase 5: this is where the real plan comes in. Trump starts enacting progressive policies. He starts acting nice. He decriminalizes most drugs, enforces stricter gun control, institutes universal healthcare, restructures the government, law enforcement, etc to be more diverse and less skewed to good ol boys, trust fund cases, etc. And socially, his actions have shown the extent of how ugly the bigoted underbelly of this country is. Nobody who is a bigot can hide again. If they didn't already air out themselves out during his rule, then Trump's performance art has done the world a favor by showing a portrait of said behavior for everyone who isn't familiar with arthouse dark comedies to remember forever. Trump's true motivations for being president are now revealed: His goal was to be worshiped as a savior of America, the president who both ended injustice "better than Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Harvey Milk combined!" he'll say. Yes, he is responsible for ICE putting children in literal cages, but "Obama is responsible for drone strikes on innocent people who are now dead, which is worse. Nobody's perfect.", he'll say. Bigots and/or conservatives will be mad that they were duped into voting against their own interests, but will like that trump proved that edgelord humor DOES have a place in society, which will enrage many social justice activists who wanted only the law changes that reduce social injustice. In the end, are we all going to be trumped?
  2. Hilary Clinton, because Trump, whom as we remember is the sleeper cell candidate of the Clintons, became president to fulfill three main objectives: 1) cause mass confusion and chaos with his advanced weaponized trolling tactics. Pretending to be a bigot and staging events of misinformation like arguing over the wall he never plans to build to take attention off the fact that his actual policies are moderate, which in effect pisses off his critics more than it pleases them. This causes political division but the end result is to unite everyone back to center after the US internet schadenfreude act goes into effect. 2) By imploding the GOP using shock jock tactics, he cleanses the right spectrum of american politics and reconstructs everything via implementing UBI as a failsafe consolation prize to the losers of this current civil war, and in the end the political barometer will be further left than ever, making way for increased success for Hilary and green party candidates in the next election. The end result? 3) Trump will have become the greatest president in American History because he actually ended bigotry (will make it illegal) and is the catalyst of moving things forward more than any liberal has been able to accomplish.. The genius of his style of leadership is unprecedented and causes so much chaos that you can get easily distracted by the fake news and hysteria instead of focusing enough to see that it's all a ruse to implement a highly progressive new standard of lawful conduct for western civilization. Once in effect, Candidates such as Clinton, Stein, Ocasio-cortez, O'Rourke and Pelosi will take out the social conservative trash until America rivals Canada in quality of life. Just remember to thank Trump for this.
  3. Sure, sometimes a dick is badass enough to engage a date with a guy to grab it like a socket wrench or joystick or whatever and suck it little bit when noone's looking. I agree as long as nobody's slandering each other as gay there’s no worry of meeting up for a different reason.
  4. Biggie says things that indicate he truly harbors bigoted attitudes/beliefs, but dang it if he doesn't own it, and he acts so friendly to everyone that you just can't help but like and respect him, y'know?
  5. Those are definitely some tweets. Thing is, he's not going to build the wall and never was. How many of the extreme policies he talks about all the time that were promised in his campaign have actually been enacted? He knows they wont be. Meanwhile he's joined forces with Dennis Rodman, operating undercover in North Korea and Russia gathering intel about actual dictators to topple on behalf of the radical progressives who have their hearts in the right place to some extent but are still going to make free speech illegal at any cost. Not just on the right, but anyone who isn't as far left as them. If you're genuinely having strong emotions about Trump right now you're being played long-term by having your ignorance permanently displayed on the web once the radical left's schadenfreude internet act goes into effect. Yes, the far right is being dogwhistled into outing themselves, but also many ignorant folks on the left and even near center are being fooled into taking positions against their own interests of being considered critical thinkers. That and the result is also provoking anger that recruits greater far left numbers. He's not only trolling specific political alignments, but anyone who isn't in the know. When his term is over and he reveals himself as the mole for the far left and admits that all of his tweets and public tantrums were specifically engineered to take attention away from their/his agenda, many citizens will end up feeling quite silly at best.
  6. So are we really going to keep pretending that Trump isn’t progressive (he’s highly successful in new york) and that his being in office isn't actually to fuck shit up for the purpose of allowing the collective schadenfreude response to his actions spark a shift of most younger and uninformed people towards a far more left-wing ideology? Why would a tv show show star, corporate mogul with no political experience, etc who truly believed bigoted things even be allowed in the white house? If he really was that person, Obama would have signed on for a third term and nipped that shit before it ever got to that point. The GOP is bad, but are we really going to pretend that Trump isn't a trojan horse move from the Clintons and Obama, who have privately been coaching and informing him of everything they know about american and global politics in order to secretly enact their hidden extreme progressive agendas? It's pretty clear by now that his mission is essentially to perform as the id of the GOP and implode them via constant scandalous behavior and words to force everyone watching have difficult conversations that the progressives think will make things better long term (a future without not only the right, but without moderates). He will behave like a far right bigot, threaten to build a wall, and threaten to enact many of the other things he campaigned on, but it is in fact all just to take attention off the cleaning of house and social division that he's doing as he lowkey governs as a radical progressive. Why are we allowing ourselves to give into the radical left or the radical right's manipulation? Why not join each other in the center my brothers and sisters, and together we can rebel against them and rebuild a better nation? But you're thinking, "sound's crazy" eh? "Where's the proof?" Quite an interesting coincidence isn't it? The evidence has been provided. Accepting it or choosing to remain willfully ignorant it is now on you.
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