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  1. Are you sure it was harassment and not confidence and care? It's tough to break into the dating scene these days after all and it's important to at least empathize w/ that isn't it? Ultimately if someone's a 28 year old virgin or something who love females and treats them well they might not know how to flirt or measure up to someone's preferences you know? Like I always open the door for them, I compliment them and tell them they are beautiful, I think about snuggling with them and holding them, not just having sex, etc. I'm a nice person, not some cocky stud who sees women as a trophy. It just bothers me a little bit that so few women are receptive to this. I get told that it's weird to gaze longingly at them as they work out at the gym. I'm told it's shallow to open a conversation by telling a woman she's beautiful. That worshipping them like a queen is fetishization or telling them important information at work is mansplaining. That holding the door open for them is sexist. TBH It makes me pretty fucking mad. Why do women have to make it so hard for us? I DO care about females. I think of them all the time and am a very sensitive fucking person. I'm a fucking NICE. GUY. not a dumb jock. I deserve to get my fucking nut like everyone else don't I? What the fuck is wrong with women today?
  2. HBO had a legendary hit in the making. There was so much promise - tits, dragons and blood and stuff - and then the show had to go and get all political
  3. I actually know how to deal with this issue and will share it now. If there is one universal truth about humanity to learn from watching prison docs on msnbc it is this: No matter who you are - compassionate or hateful, racist or anti-racist, feminist or sexist, proudly gay or homophobic, creepy or attractive and all the shades of morality in between - there always tends to be a common ground, and that common ground is most often a hatred of pedophiles and even ephebophiles (anyone who has sons or daughters, nephews and nieces, etc feel free to debate this). Look everyone gets it: you were raised in an environment similar to a modern day game of thrones which instilled in you enough trauma to retard your ability to emotionally deal with the cosmic horror realization that your sexual attraction towards teens, possibly children, wasn't going away after age 20, 21, 25, 30, etc. Nobody is saying it is easy or enviable, and maybe you've earned your depression since you didn't choose to have those feelings. It is what it is, and I can sympathize with that not being an idyllic life for sure. But that doesn't change the fact that your aura of creepiness around the most innocent of innocent human life is repulsive and a huge problem for the rest of society. Even if you don't offend, it's just a fact that going out in public anywhere where families might be located is a problem that YOU are forcing onto society. No, it's not fair that you were stuck with that problem, but it IS your problem. But there is a possible fix. See, you are not alone. There are many other humans out there who are also disgusting and cause problems for society as a whole. People like this have been around forever and they often even do quite well for themselves. Heck, you can even achieve the highest honor in the entire world by behaving like these types of people. So, how do you exist peacefully as a pervert in a society that wants nothing to do with you? BE. A. BIGOT! That's right, you can in fact experience the exhilarating freedom that comes with not having to worry about what anybody thinks of you! By saying and doing socially retarded and repugnant things, you can blend in MUCH better and take attention off the fact that you have sexual thoughts about minors, and can even help clear a room if necessary. And sure, it's possible you might be a pedo who is sensitive and feels disgusted by bigotry and you see that path in life as a dead end forcing you to tolerate even more stupidity and hostility which would make life even worse. But you know what isn't understandable? Forcing compassionate society around you to take on the problem of someone who's creepy around minors, regardless of if you asked for that creepiness or not. So even if you don't feel hateful, the very least you can do is behave that way consistently while in public to prevent anyone from figuring out and having to deal with your more problematic sickness. You can pick your poison: sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, or whatever flavor trash you like! So stop whining. Buckle up bozo and take that one way trip to clown town! It really might not be so bad when you get used to it
  4. Forgive me if this sounds facetious, but yes. How can anyone take someone's opinion on anything seriously unless they play, and more importantly, are very skilled at video games?
  5. Hate to burst your bubbles of fake news, but Snopes IS a problematic source for "facts", as was revealed in this Exposé
  6. @kittykat, after doing more research I don't think it's likely you're related to me after all, so please disregard that last post. Not exactly, no.
  7. While there's still some debate on twitter over trump being a bigot, everyone can agree he's a narcissist, right? What happens if it's revealed Trump's plan all along was/is: phase 1: Run as a republican while everyone is still good and angry at 'bama. Dogwhistle nazis, racists, nationalists, sexists, homophobes, the "i'm one of the nice conservatives" conservatives, christian fundamentalists, people who love Trump products and shows to amass the voting numbers to get him elected phase 2: gets elected. now, to maintain the profile and appease his base, keeps up the bigotry, shock jock humor, clowning, trolling for the purpose of taking attention off the fact that he's dismantling the GOP and gathering intel on his cabinet phase 3: be the catalyst that makes conservatives look worse and worse over time. Republicans have always looked bad in recent history, but have been like that rich uncle or eccentric grandfather you still spend emotional labor on at white thanksgiving. Trump's plan now is to show the GOP as the swamp uncle nobody sends greeting cards to, and ultimately the supervillains of our time. phase 4: This is where the trojan horse megaton starts to reveal itself. After attempts to build the massive wall, after scaring everyone by pretending to enact many more of the oppressive policies, and as each of them are reduced or shot down, something seems off. He HAD to have predicted this would happen, right? So... phase 5: this is where the real plan comes in. Trump starts enacting progressive policies. He starts acting nice. He decriminalizes most drugs, enforces stricter gun control, institutes universal healthcare, restructures the government, law enforcement, etc to be more diverse and less skewed to good ol boys, trust fund cases, etc. And socially, his actions have shown the extent of how ugly the bigoted underbelly of this country is. Nobody who is a bigot can hide again. If they didn't already air out themselves out during his rule, then Trump's performance art has done the world a favor by showing a portrait of said behavior for everyone who isn't familiar with arthouse dark comedies to remember forever. Trump's true motivations for being president are now revealed: His goal was to be worshiped as a savior of America, the president who both ended injustice "better than Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Harvey Milk combined!" he'll say. Yes, he is responsible for ICE putting children in literal cages, but "Obama is responsible for drone strikes on innocent people who are now dead, which is worse. Nobody's perfect.", he'll say. Bigots and/or conservatives will be mad that they were duped into voting against their own interests, but will like that trump proved that edgelord humor DOES have a place in society, which will enrage many social justice activists who wanted only the law changes that reduce social injustice. In the end, are we all going to be trumped?
  8. Hilary Clinton, because Trump, whom as we remember is the sleeper cell candidate of the Clintons, became president to fulfill three main objectives: 1) cause mass confusion and chaos with his advanced weaponized trolling tactics. Pretending to be a bigot and staging events of misinformation like arguing over the wall he never plans to build to take attention off the fact that his actual policies are moderate, which in effect pisses off his critics more than it pleases them. This causes political division but the end result is to unite everyone back to center after the US internet schadenfreude act goes into effect. 2) By imploding the GOP using shock jock tactics, he cleanses the right spectrum of american politics and reconstructs everything via implementing UBI as a failsafe consolation prize to the losers of this current civil war, and in the end the political barometer will be further left than ever, making way for increased success for Hilary and green party candidates in the next election. The end result? 3) Trump will have become the greatest president in American History because he actually ended bigotry (will make it illegal) and is the catalyst of moving things forward more than any liberal has been able to accomplish.. The genius of his style of leadership is unprecedented and causes so much chaos that you can get easily distracted by the fake news and hysteria instead of focusing enough to see that it's all a ruse to implement a highly progressive new standard of lawful conduct for western civilization. Once in effect, Candidates such as Clinton, Stein, Ocasio-cortez, O'Rourke and Pelosi will take out the social conservative trash until America rivals Canada in quality of life. Just remember to thank Trump for this.
  9. Sure, sometimes a dick is badass enough to engage a date with a guy to grab it like a socket wrench or joystick or whatever and suck it little bit when noone's looking. I agree as long as nobody's slandering each other as gay there’s no worry of meeting up for a different reason.
  10. Biggie says things that indicate he truly harbors bigoted attitudes/beliefs, but dang it if he doesn't own it, and he acts so friendly to everyone that you just can't help but like and respect him, y'know?
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