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  1. I was blown away when I fired up Horizon a month {little less} back and noticed my PS+ had actually expired. I reached for my wallet and then second thought'ed it. This is my first time not having it, I'm ok with it. Feels strange, but although some of the "FREE" games are great, and being able to just add to library and owning them for life even better! The back log grows, and grows, and grows, and my time shrinks, and shrinks, and shrinks! I'm gonna walk away from PS+, and in 9 months I feel I'm doing the same with Xbox Live. Never thought I would say that especially, but the value isn't there for me anyways. Weird.
  2. ^^ This, well the second part. God I wanted to love that thing, it's NEVER gonna happen !
  3. I agree, while stated he's a "cheap bastard" with a budget of 500.00 just save up a few more days and get one in the 700-900 dollar range, do some homework. Visit Cnet and many others. It's worth it to wait to get a "TRUE DEAL" meaning no regrets, {quality features} not money wise. I now have 3 TV's over 55" all with HDR, but that one without buggs me to no end, thank goodness it's in my 2nd guest room.
  4. yea there is no denying the Left Joy Con will be upgraded very soon, maybe to those that bought them day one. It's loses connection so often it making me play less in dock mode. I'm looking forwards to the Pro Controller get back in stock, that should fix "my Problem"? FUCK! I have but an Hour a day maybe, late at night, I hope Nintendo is on this As We Speak. But I will state that they have always slid in on the Console very well and secure. I like that the console is metal and the Joy Cons are plastic as the plastic should fail first in most drops, making them replaceable, or just in "Wear-and-Tear" we can just replace the controllers. I like that, may be just me. New Versions of the Left Joy Cons coming soon . . . .
  5. This is a "Pull Out", as I'm not paying for this Baby . . . . . . OOPS! that came out wrong, Anyway, I would have bought this to play on the PC. I now think I will pass and it's easer said then done, at least for me. Scores don't matter, I just buy it thinking I'll be playing this soon, hmmm nope! NOW knowing my problem [feeling left out]. I have NEVER really enjoyed a Mass Effect game, but my BEST friend love this franchise more then anyone, so at least I see ahead of time that ME Games aren't my cup of tea, but I feel after a few patches the game will address some of the Technical Issues. I really do hope those that live and breath Mass Effect, do have an amazing trip through the Galaxy again . . . . Man, here comes the Punctuation Police I even tried, not tired or anything . . . .
  6. You know, I know post count is so important to you guys so there that. This isn't an English Grammar forum, it's gamers talking gaming shit. BUT ! thanks so much coming in here and doing what you guys do. FUCK the space, Enter and all that shit. I'm to old to change now, if I violated some rule, then bann me, I type with two fingers, I'm a Mechanic on Newspaper Printing Press over 27 years now. I do not write much. I'd like to be able to talk friendly talk without the punctuation police jumping in or with the looky me trolls. If your bothered sorry, plz move on, friends. You'll leave knowing I've not gonna be changed. Wanna talk Zelda, that would be great. I do try to keep away from long rants and I do see a need of Paragraphs but oh well, it obviously wasn't for you two . . . .
  7. I second and Third the above mentioned { Here } Screen protector. It's thick, it says glass, I take very very good care of all my Electronic shit, that said this makes the handheld fit the base actually much better, no slop. I feel over time it will scratch the screen. Went on PERFECT, love how it has handles on each side to lower it right on the screen without having to lightly hold the edges, first time seeing this and I will have to have this feature in an future screen protectors I buy. I have had great luck with screen protectors though, as my Note 3 has it's day one original still on, it perfect shape, same with the PSP, Vita, etc. These though just feel like a must have for this newest toy. Either way, enjoy people.
  8. I have read many Topics / Threads discussing Great, Amazing, 10/10 games that are released one just one console, and what a shame that is to gamers that won't get to easily have access to unless they own That Console! Never cared one way or the other being we own most every damned Console released last 25 years. {No Wii U}, as the only exception that comes to mind! That said, as I play Breath of the Wild I feel exactly that. Every Open Word Adventure gamer out there needs to give this game 10 hours and then make your decision, either way, I really wish I could get this game on the very least My PS4 Pro, but the Scorpio. If Dreaming, how-a-bout a great port to the PC, wow. Not going there { Master Racers Really I wasn't } I feel there are many out there that have chosen either Sony or Microsoft this gen, Many of us will miss this unless Nintendo changes there ways. First time I really spent any time thing about Developers and Game release versus income / profit, etc. Nintendo is on my mind is all, and that is Rare. Feels good to be playing a game that checks off so many of my Gaming Likes Boxes. So after at least 80 more Zelda Hours, I'll have another 60-80 in invest in Horizon. That's well over 6 months of gaming hours for me, this year is looking good in the Games Beaten 2017 . . . .{NOT!!} lol
  9. Well I have missed a few Zelda games, Early Zelda games I never played. A Link to the Past was my first. Wind Waker I never played, but I also Never played Majora's Mask Damn It. I know this is re-released for the 3DS though, but read horror stories about camera control. No Excuse, but my hands and the 3DS Xl fight themselves with certain games. I wasn't even tracking the "Switch News", it sounded really cool, I pre-ordered it and Zelda and out-of-mind it went. I LOVED Ocarina of Time on N64. I guess I caught "Zelda Fever" Breath of the Wild is so damn great. I think It wins GotY easily, I never say this coming. All gaming time I great these days is spent playing this game. Crazy as it's so frikk'in large. I am blown away by the scope of this game and I play these almost exclusively. I love to head off the opposite direction the very first objective shows. This has grabbed my Explorer nature and I have very few complaints. Only two: Dock Mode frame rate, and Durability of Weapons. Really that is it, I'm about 30 hours into it with only 5 towers climbed. 6 Heats, I spent 3 upgrades on Stamina before I figured out the Cooking mechanic lol. I'd say 16 shrines maybe 20. Sorry, started ranting, damn thing is charging and I have this week off, kinda. I'll be working from home 3 days . . . . BAMM!! Hey: How or where do I find the guy to spend the Seeds, he disappeared and I am in need of inventory spaces badly? I have 26 of them to spend right now damn it!
  10. No problem, missed out on a "U", no way I was missing another Zelda. I'm good with the Console and this game for quite some time . . .
  11. had this Bought and Zelda before I pre-ordered the damned Console. I'm good to go after that until we get Mario in our hands down the line.
  12. I don't need any of those on my switch. Just give us quality {like Zelda OMG} first party games throughout at least 2 years and I'll be good. Mario, Kirby, Mario Kart, Metroid, Pilot Wings, fire Fox, etc. I'll be a happy camper, without ever going Camping that is, YUK! Yea, A red dead HD remaster would be great buy why on switch? I'd love a RE1 and 2 switch remake, but I want them on PS4, maybe Xbox1.
  13. yea I'm not doing it. Their thinking maybe by offering next to nothing IMHO they feel that we'll by anything at this point?
  14. hmmm, I never think Nintendo when I play this game. It reminds me nothing of F-Zero. It's a different version of Wipeout without weapons, and maybe a bit like Ikaruga?
  15. tell me though in Dock mode the Slowdown is quite bad at times, and yes it effects the gameplay period. But in plays great in portable mode, and that is how it was justified as a day-one-purchase. I bought it so eventually it will have Kirby, mario, and other greats for the wife to play in the game room while I have my PC fired up, but we want to spend time together more. I will have to beat Zelda and beat it first though, so maybe in 2 months . . . lol