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  1. God I second this so much, just let it happen, PLZ!
  2. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    Though well old enough, I'm not going down that road again.
  3. Won't watch the video but, Watched the Trailer for this sequel and it's really, really weird. I liked the first one more because of my love for Resident Evil 1-2-3-4, but titles after that were "OK" at best, 5 was OK in a different way, so The Evil Within was great the one time I played it and beat it. I'm now interested to continue it's story and I loved RE7 so fingers crossed that this game will be creepy as hell, out of this world, and anther in a long line of survival horror games!
  4. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    I spent my time and much of my early spending money in local Gamestops, but just opinions over the years and watching their practices at least to me seem more and more sleazy, stopped even taking the kids there. Great stores if you feel the need to jump back in the "Know" Gaming wise, as they have everything current, but for any other reason I can't again use a GS store, it started with the stickers, and snowballed into near bankruptcy, but I hold no ill will, just don't like the atmosphere.
  5. Xbox One X Preorders are live.

    Kinda really hoping regardless the Title that goes with it, but that soon after the release there will be a White limited Edition Scorpio, one can hope right? I will then give away the 3 xbox ones {ones an s} and keep just the 2 Scorpios.
  6. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    Umm, ok if you say so. I'm stating that I have been PC/computer gaming for a very long time, actually far longer than consoles {Atari 2600, and so on} the Apple II / IIe / computer yes Computer was our PC back then, even with part swapping etc. that later became and what we now love as our Gaming PCs, now I buy them all and hope a few titles regardless the platform rise to the top, In my opinion of course . . .
  7. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    Yea AND? just saying we had Apple PC's at our home and many others too, but my Stepdad had to use one for work, but I was allowed to use them anytime, mostly really basic games. Load Runners, Leisure Suit Larry and the Land of the Lan Lizards, etc. Later on we would go to the Software store and buy a game or two, I remember them being expensive, but I miss the old floppy drive pc games.
  8. Nostalgia or how did you get into PC gaming?

    Got into PC gaming because that was the only home gaming option! Ok it's 1976 and . . . . I won't do it, but I've been video gaming way before consoles just say'n
  9. I haven't played a second of the PvP ! I'm loving getting to lvl 20.
  10. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    I received my White PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 and I was playing Everybody's Golf, these are the only 2 games I even have on the New Console. Great to be playing them both in 4k { or whatever Destiny 2's rez "really" is } Feel liberating, as I'm buried on the old console, feels like a fresh new start and I doubt I will ever do the HD copy/transfer and just bring over game saves! Great 2 games to be playing though.
  11. Ready to grab this when it's 30 bucks, I made a promise to myself { } I wouldn't buy PC games without putting them in a wishlist and grabbing them on a deal. PC games drop in price so fast, that and how Impulsive I am when Video Games are concerned, I end up throwing money at games that take me a year AT LEAST to even get to. That said, I'm wanting this one, looks to be a fun one.
  12. Opening my White Pro Destiny 2 Edition as I write this reply, excited a bit for Destiny 2 and I know nothing about it, watched no videos, previews etc. I need Mellow, plays for fun etc to Play this game with! Off to download Everybody's Golf and install Destiny 2, be back in 30 minutes
  13. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    Yea I figured out serious mode right away and will level you up very fast, I just beat lvl 6 character. I noticed that anytime you use down while setting impact {second x press} you lose control a lot. It's also in my log, back spin reduces control by much, sucks cuz I use it so much, bad habit maybe. The little guy who quizzes you even asks you this in the Advanced Quiz he gives you answer is use a backspin, question is what is the ONLY thing in the game that won't improve control. Right after answering up above this last post on difficulty and how it is ramping up, I shot a -31 under par in serious mode they set it up not me. Was on the Eagle something course normal tees, weak wind, tornado cup. So many damned Eagles, never one par or worse. Playing with friends I like Normal wind, long tees, Teeny cup. Gives a great challenge against your opponent, and along with battling the courses especially later on.
  14. Just received my Destiny 2 White Pro it was 449.99 but oh well, along with destiny 2 a day early!
  15. Everbodies Golf Aug 29th

    actually disagree, early on if you know how the game works it's easy enough but it ramps up the difficulty rapidly. I say this and I love it. I'm in level 4 { meaning the difficulty of courses and Ai level 4, seems there are too many things leveling up and can confuse too, as in the certificates I'm level 14 I think } unlocked last night after beating whom ever that was. So I though because I'm tearing all comers badly so I always use the square button and choose Serious Mode before challenges to get to the final 3rd guy quicker and thus level up faster. So using Big Air clubs and normal balls I was able to squeak out a 3 under par, wow it was difficult. I was really trying to play smart too, but found myself in trouble often, I'll say this was on the 4th Course, maybe the fifth and it was my first time on said course but the challenge is there with long tees medium wind and it was teeny holes too. I'm liking it and sorry for the disconnect with friend requests and all, but I've been having a few issues here and there, game crash with networking errors. looks like i have a ton to level up, but power on my Driver "Big Airs Clubs" is maxed out at 25 already. This is a great game, the visuals Will Not Impress if asking me, and there a set back and I've played in 4k DVR etc. That said, who cares that much it's a great golf game looking forwards to best all of you soon!