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  1. I got it for 4.95 on sale for Plus subscribers and feel it's amazing especially at that price. I'm having a lot of fun with it, wouldn't have bought it at any other price, but glad to see that there is competition for the 2k series of sport games, though The Show has no competition presently. I skipped The Show this year and last, but love it, NBA2k has been so dominant for many years now, didn't even know EAs game had this level of polish, fun stuff. . . .
  2. Please help me find the name of this old game?(SOLVED)

    God I miss going to PC stores in the late 80s early 90s and talking tech, looking at all the games on floppy disk, green screens, etc.
  3. Yea I can't wait until TVs start being made with all the bells and whistles and with gamers in mind equally, not just yea and there's a game mode, I hate game mode but it's necessary. Yea some TV's {like 2 of mine are} input lag under 30, but it always seems to be an after thought. Why gaming isn't more of a thought when developing tvs I'll never know. I love movie watching, but gaming is very important obviously too. most of the time Input lag numbers are even hard to even find out, and isn't listed under the TVs specs when shopping them, seems odd, and I just wish it was a more important and equally addressed, as we all know there are some absolutely amazing TV's out there now for movies watching, oh well just a thought. That said, I like the Freesync above read and love anything that makes gaming a more fluid experience moving forward, good stuff.
  4. Well I'm not afraid to admit how much I have liked these games at least 3 & 4, and I really am looking forwards to buying this day one. There like Crack to me, fun in so many ways, can't wait. only a few more days . .
  5. Not Now, BUT!! Oh I am watching, reading, soaking up as much as I can as I am in for a new Main Living room TV this christmas. We watch a lot of movies here as a family w/ friends, neighbors, etc. My kids {even ones that have moved out} really look forward to it as we have spent a pretty penny to have a lovely yet mid/high tear sound system, and this place fucking rocks during movie weekend and an action movie or two, like I have never had the pleasure of experiencing any other place other than my local theater. Very proud, and looks like the green light has been given to upgrade the 4k TV that is in there now {no hdr by the way, only one of 3 4k's without it, but it was bought a year or so to soon} for something special. Will be a 3-4k {fingers crossed} budget, we are kinda leaning 75 inch but 65 isn't out of the question {65" is what's hanging there now} as TV's in that size are very expensive. Input lag will be a huge selling point also and still looks like this is a struggle with the very high end systems. So yea I'm looking very intently, reading a lot, not really looking for deals yet but I can't wait to see just what we can get, what must haves we will check off, see where the compromises will have to be made, etc. Can't wait to see, and read all the amazing sets you guys jump on, and hear impressions, and pros / cons. Excited but I need this TV to be the one for at least 4-6 years, so I will show some patience and grab the set that I feel I just have to own. Crazy exciting and also causes anxiety too, as you want to make a great choice, not spend to much, but also not spend to little either, hell my budget might keep me from what I think I want, but I have to set some kind of limits. 75" TV's with all the bells and whistles might not be a reality, but I can dream and we will have something this late fall, oh man bring on the Tech, specs, thoughts and advice, along with all the pros and cons as I welcome it all . . .
  6. well we read right to left in america, japan reads right to left { and back to front if I'm not mistaken } so there is that, that could and would confuse almost anyone, except you I mean I personally think that button mapping in anything and everything gaming makes sense. it may take awhile, wasn't that long ago that Audio wasn't even adjustable, so it takes awhile, but it will happen. You want your customers comfortable I would think. I usually mess up the buttons navigating menus the most as backing out comes with at least one {oops} moment, but I just don't play the Nintendo systems as much as the others, that's not gonna change, so just something I will battle with, more so the longer between games, but it's always there messing with my head!
  7. Yea this is what I have to do too. The buttons are the only real issue I have with the Switch and the 3DS XL, as it has grown on me quite a bit. If you grab the right games for it {in my opinion} it's amazing. I'm playing Rocket league, New Mario and Bayonetta 1 - 2, but the buttons really do hinder me, especially is intense, precice moments as I tend to revert to the other 99% of systems button configurations when the shit hits the fan. It is what it is, wish you could remap all games like you can in Rocket League, but sadly that's a nope!
  8. Dude that was awesome to do I mean it, hell I had two. I know it went to a good home, where she'll be appreciated, that's awesome your using it. I still have the brand new one, though the battery I'm sure is toast inside. Have you {kev} had any issues with the battery being dead and issues starting games and such because of it? Just wondering . . .
  9. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    8% with GTX 980Ti, I7 4790k, 32 gig ddr 3 1800, but I knew all along the whole PC is bottle necked, I have a 2k budget for my next summer PC, think it's gonna be this year but you never know, might wait one more year as personally this PC is still putting smiles on my face, and is now the longest I have kept a single configuration without messing with anything 3years running. Gonna love the 1080Ti eventually, but nothing screaming upgrade me yet, at least to me. I know this PC would drive you guys like @Mr.Vic20 crazy though . . .
  10. Might grab this update and then play through this again {New Game Plus unlocks after beating it, so I might do that ride yet again. Enjoyed it for the most part, but I really liked the first one better, go figure. RE7 was actually better, but the ability to have all weapons and upgrades from the first play through and a new perspective { first person }, gonna be hard to not at least see how it feels. . . . . .
  11. Never played Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2

    Going back and forth on buying B2 knowing it comes with the first one and I know many that loved that game. I myself have never played it, but looks like a great portable game for the switch . . .
  12. Do you buy consoles at launch, or wait a while?

    Always have bought at launch, money has never been the problem so yea, at launch. That is {and I am so proud of myself} until I read and then saw the launch of the Xbox One X! I have put my foot down and am waiting until I see a White version of this impressive new'ish console. So this is the first one other than the PS2 as It was hard to find. So I have 2 ps4, one ps4 pro {white}, 2 xbox ones, one xbox one s {white} and am looking to build and replace the PC in sig so I just can't justify for the first time this New Xbox One x until its is also white completing the look again. Just not going to do it this time, and it has been kinda hard as impressions have been pretty good. I never choose between consoles, we buy them all . . side note: I'm gonna grab the first Switch I see in white also, not a skin, the whole thing. I'm fine if this takes awhile though as I don't play that thing much.
  13. I did one last night in 6 minutes, with shitty equipment and a weapon i'm upgrading with no rhime-nor-reason, lol. This game confuses me, and i hate the inventory management system, and I hate the radial dial too, but I really like this game. I finally got to the coral place and had to fight this blue screaming fucker and it took my FOREVER!
  14. I had a set waiting for my guy as soon as I booted it up, if that;s wrong it's no longer that 1-2 hours
  15. still a bit unknown just how to trap, and swing shot is hit or miss, but i like it atot