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  1. Ok, i'm getting dressed . . . Yea I am trying to wait you can stop now. Buying another TV now would just disappoint me. I really need to stop buying everything that's electronically shiny ! My issues are I have never had to buy a TV because of my old one dying and I'm old! This is good as I do pride myself in researching these things before I jump, but sucks in the way I always have to give my old ones away, or ewww have to deal with people and sell them. This is proven as 3 of my kids have 55" tv's that I haven given them after yet another upgrade. This is also why i am stuck supporting Samsung even though those LG's are amazing. I have never had one issue with a samsung TV less 3 tv's over the last 10 years being returned ala dead pixels, and the like. One screen came shattered, lol. I always have my TV's last to long, god my life sucks.
  2. 55 inches? I guess my guest bathroom in in need for a TV . . j/k, My next TV will have to be 65" and that really ups the price on those tv's for sure, 4k+ ouch. I can say I have spent a lot on TV's, but never that much . . .
  3. That's a cool test you have there. I see my 65 inch 2015 4k samsung is 17ms and that was important. I won't buy a tv that's main mode will be to display games over 20ms unless like you've said the quality overshadows the slightly higher input lag. Hopefully we will get tv's with lower than 15ms without gamemodes and such sooner than later. Took me forever to finally give my old sony 34 inch wega flat screen cart TV, what a beast literally. It just wouldn't die lol. Remember when we thought flatscreen CRT TV's were right around the corner? Either way I hear ya. Though I'm stuck with wanting under 20ms [it's in my head I know] with all my gaming TVs I know I can't tell the difference between my 17 and the 20 something mentioned on the TV above. That Oled LG is a beauty and I would have it already if I was buying one this year. I told my wife our next "Family" Tv will be 2019 christmas, as I have 3 4k TV's 1 without HDR. Yea I tend to jump on new Tech, it's an issue my wallet feels it every month trust me . . .
  4. Battlefront II Players / Groups / Friends

    FUCK me I will, I get my ass handed to me with games like these! I'm old remember, no respect I tell ya. I thought I saw that you played it but then again I was like no he didn't buy it. You will need to carry my ass, be my shield. This is from someone who made your "Dream"cast come true you know . . .
  5. he's hooking up a PS4Pro and maybe a Xbox X. How could he possibly not care about input lag? To me it's oh-so-very-important, but then again that's just me . .
  6. Already downloaded and says I can play in 5 hours I don't know yet how works but I bought this on PS4 and am looking for "a fire team" so to speak anyone also looking for BF2 players to team up with lets group up hope this game is amazing . . Maybe mention days and time that you play will help. I myself can never match the great players, Knowing you past that stage in life helps a lot. Just casual guy that likes to have a good time without shouting every racial slur there is I'm good with, anyone?
  7. I Agree with the Crispy4000 This has "ALWAYS" been about frame rate, period. It's why I PC game and console for the most part. I've been so happy with 1080p and all the bells and whistles for sometime now on PC, but have found myself "THIS GEN" often saying wow on my PS4 and Xbox One, now just have 60 fps be standard in every game and I'd be very pleased in deed. Not that small dips from 60 are that noticeable but dips from 30 really are. I'm so glad too that Sony and Microsoft have noticed this stuff and that more people are wanting 4k that they both offered up a souped up version of this gens consoles if were those that would really appreciate the options. Hell honestly, I'm so much more into sound than Graphics, we have amazing fucking looking games everywhere we look, what a great time to be a gamer. Being able to pick and choose what titles I want and to what console to play them on really makes it easier to appreciate all of it [meaning if I only could have just one ala Xbox One / PS4 / Switch / Etc] . Now we are getting games native 4k and that my friends is the Cherry on top at least to an old Man / Gamer like myself.
  8. Xbox One X upgrade or Nintendo Switch purchase?

    Hey buddie I'd easily go with the Switch and honestly that surprises me. Your a lot like me, I also have them all and amazing TVs and home theater in multiple rooms to enjoy them on, but I already had an Xbox One s so buying the X just doesn't make sense unless they announce a White 2Tb w/ game bundle i can't justify it {this to go with my White PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One s}. I didn't think I would like the switch and I don't play it that much but like owning it, you'll almost NEED a 60-70 Pro-Controller but I feel that wouldn't stop you or me. Also on a side note: I didn't think I would use the switch in handheld mode either, but it's about 80/20 in favor of portable. So buy the switch get that and then buy the X, there I helped!
  9. well that stuff just isn't in my vocabulary. I do want this game and do want to enjoy it, but can EASILY wait for a full retail box copy, well digital retail copy anyway . . .
  10. This is the single most played game I have ever heard of that still hasn't launched, but everyone knows what it is and most have played it. I'm not as good as most in twitch FPS but love to play them, I have steered far away from this game only because I don't play pre-release games, but reading about all the people banned for things that aren't anything and the Crates really has me worried as I don't grab all the intricacies right away an will no doubt panic at certain times thus maybe causing me to maybe honk a horn or something and BAMM! i'm banned?, Seriously I do no cheat in anyway ever in any games, would hate to have this happen to me but I think I want it, I think I do . .
  11. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    ME TOO !! Can't believe I bought Mario Kart at launch and played it less then 2 hours and put it down. I have Mario to finish, but I'm making it a point to play this with my Kids that are visiting this weekend, and I have enough controllers too now !~!
  12. yea but honestly if Zelda didn't grab your attention this won't but yea it's kinda a cool gadget that's how I see it. Mario is pretty good, but Zelda is by FAR the better game IMHO.
  13. I stole my daughter 256gig card from her phone { I bought 700+ dollars } but he has the VR thingy
  14. Doom - Non Digital Storage needs

    Just so amazing that they even pulled this off, and hearing that they even did a Wolfenstein 2 port coming next year. I wish Nintendo would've put some more power into it though now it matter not. Also a wolfenstein 2 on switch might just show off it's limitations even more, we shall see. This is mine when it hit's 40 bucks because I have it on PC {first game ever played on PC in sig} and on PS4, but a Doom portable version how fucking cool is that . . .
  15. why? I have "ZERO" Platinum Trophies and only 1000/1000 on 4 Xbox One games. That said I know many people love the trophy system and the challenges that they offer, so why wish they didn't exist. That's just Hate