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  1. Yea I hear ya' love how it's not stamped with the Destiny logo all over the place or some lame ass design, it's just white and what I have wanted all along, goes well with my White PC, and TV stand, though TV is wall mounted. Pretty sure this will be available without game shortly after. I bough a Xbox One S damnit right away too, but it's not an X. Patience almost always wins in the end, I'm sure you be able to score this beauty without game soon after!
  2. I didn't !! Just gifting my black pro so it's a win-win. love the white, hope I do not have to wait to long for a White Xbox One X, maybe i'll have to buy another Destiny 2 bundle? LOL!! Maybe a Destiny choice {ps4/xbox one x} give away coming up?
  3. Been getting back into gaming after a weird just blahh spell. Racers are my favorite and Dirt Rally has me by the $#@@z right now. That said any rumor, story, news, anything on a Ridge Racer title again? Loved these games up to 3, I'd buy a new one, or a 1-3 remaster would be awesome. Oh and while wishing in the wind, how about a NEW Destruction Derby?
  4. OH YEA! Count me in when it launches fellow Patchers, Love racing games the most so, yea. Been getting the rust off the old g29/ racing seat too lately, so I'll be ready!
  5. Thanks, pre-ordered BAMN!! Now just find a pre-order on a Xbox One X White and I'll be all good! Thanks again!
  6. DOOM, really is that great!
  7. LOL , sorry . . . ahhh, ME TOO DAMN IT !! I have no splitoon {1or2} experience, and I am interested in this game but Even I my friend can wait happily past the 10 second mark. This from a man that's been told his {mine} entire life that I have Zero patience. Hmm go figure. I'll grab this and the new Mario I guess at the same time when ever New Mario launches that is, by then there won't be anyone in the lobbies with me.
  8. can't wait either, have a ps4 pro / Destiny 1TB white pre-Ordered and now I just need to lock one of these down. BUT!! If I miss the first window, I'll be fine with a wait, especially if I can get a white one!
  9. This game is just what I was looking for. Quite impressed with what this game is Say'in that it is and what they are actually delivering " A Rally Sim". Now I know, I know it's still a video game, but it really seems like it's playing and handling very near to real. I am playing with everything you can turn off, OFF! No assists, None. Manual sequential shifting with the paddle-shifters on my G29 mounted to a pro racing seat. Wow, so frustrating, and yet so much fucking fun. It is really tough, but I'm addicted.
  10. I had same problem with my PS4. Come to find it was just a tiny bit lopsided or wobbley? just shimmed up one corner and it never did it again
  11. Agree, If your doing this do it right. The 1080Ti is the card to have and future proof that new PC of yours, and plz a 6 core is also just a must with prices where they are, a 250gig ssd is plenty for windows if you need to save a few. What I'm building end of summer and even though I just built this one 20 months ago, I'm going all out this time too at least for cpu ram and gpu!
  12. I am one who left Horizon for Zelda and loved every minute of it. Believe it or not, Horizon just didn't grab me like i knew/thought it would, and am now attempting to replay Horizon and am really trying at over 20 hours now, and still I have no desire to see how this plays out. So frustrated, this game looked to be my game, it's not. Zelda was great in almost every way! So Sorry for your Bro, really. I agree an I quote someone above {FUCK CANCER!!}
  13. looks like a great one to own on the switch, but lets be honest, these games are way, way to fucking complicated. So much crap to understand, wish it was more streamlined like Zelda on switch. Sure there are tons and tons of items and recipes in it too, but it makes sence, Not monster hunter at least to me. Spend more hours getting help then playing, now I will say that Lucian is a robot and it 1000k or more hours do-not-count .
  14. nice don't have either one.
  15. so hard to go back after playing the last year solid on Samsung 65 inch 4k monitor, though not all games or even most are running @4k, it's awesome with a great PC rig. I really didn't know TV's ran this amazing with PC's. Of course do you homework, and these TV's aren't cheap! I'm building a new rig late summer too, exciting. Only 1 piec is a givin' though and it's the 1080Ti Bamm! Kinda stumped as to motherboard, I want future proofing and bad ass, the board always gets to complicated. Needs to hold 32gigs DDR4 ram, i'll go with the recommendation of the upcoming Intl Chips I think, though won't spend over 1000 for a CPU, Unless someone can really make it make sense. it's not the money, can't see why though, and I want under 3k total everything new, I never save anything, {Hard drives I have and will save somewhat} I give my PC's away. Just PC, No monitor mouse or keyboard.