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  1. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    It was "OK" at most. I liked it, as I played it till I beat it and that is oh so very rare. Mostly because early on RE1&2 were so great I was an instant fan, I love this franchise, and my fingers are always crossed that it will make an attempt to recreate the style those first two game put us in, etc. I bought RE7 liked it as it was better that the last 2, but nowhere near where it was the first 2, at least to me. Survival Horror, slow moving, creepy, etc. More so the Remakes of RE1 got me back to the fan I was, and god if we just please get that announced top down remake of RE2 I'll be the happies fan ever. So even though we do get close clones {The evil within, etc} what the fans really want, I honestly feel is completely remake 2, and take the 3 those twos name and continue the series from the "NEW" 2, do a 3, 4, 5, staying in the original art style, improve the movement {TANK} do not make it fast moving, these days with the textures abilities, lighting, etc I'm so hoping we get some developers interested in starting again from 2, as I don't need it to play like Dying Light, etc. These games were amazing, plz finish what work was done on RE2 remake, and if games like 7 are what they feel we really want than there are wrong, I think? It was an ok game, worth playing through, but still never told me I was playing a great RE game, just #7.
  2. Yea I'll buy one day one, but would like color options {white would be nice} with some custom options like you said. Would love to have HardAct engraved bottom middle like you can with the regular controllers. I have a white Indianapolis Colts NFL controller with said engraving, would like to see the option for these too, but I really like the Elite controllers { I own 2, Daughter has one too } sure I'll really like these too. Good stuff . . . I don't like the internal battery controllers, never have. Are they battery packs, or sealed battery with Type-c charging port, guess I'll go read more now, thanks . . .
  3. yea i agree, haven't really like them either at least the last few. I loved the one on the PSP go figure. I hope this one is great but not a day one for me, not even close .
  4. PS 4 controller charging

    I used to feel that way, but mine only get used for 1 hour at a time and I move on, so always on a dock. I use THIS one, has worked flawlessly now since launch, and at 20 bucks what you waiting for?
  5. New Year's Gaming Resolutions?

    This is and always has been an issue for me, and I want to be more selective. I get hyped easily and can afford them, but hardly ever play them. This year I have a 10 day one game limit and then anything else has to be under 40 to buy it. 10 may sound funny to some, but that's a 1/10 of a normal year, just in 60 dollar games. I also want to beat something in my steam list this year lol
  6. PUBG on Xbox One X

    I accidently bought this game last night basically to see just how far I have slipped with the 980Ti. Settings at 4k were not that great at all so started tweaking and found @1080p Textures Ultra everything else High and it held a almost constant 60, I only saw drops in the beginning and then at the end. I have to say, god this game is UGLY. I Did have that rubberbanding when I first landed, but it stopped quickly. Ok so check this out, first game have no idea what is what i drop in, I make it to 23rd only saw 1 person at the beginning and we fought fists and I won, from there noone else ever seen until death. I'll say, my heart was beating, never found a rifle, but oh well. second drop I made it to 4th, again taking cover ever headed towards the circles I never fired my guns once until at the very end, god last circle was small, I came up against I'm guessing #3 lol and I died after a very brief gun fight. I was done good night. I didn't realize just how big the areas are, wow. Hope I play it more, but this dang PC with lots of underpowered ram and my old buddie 980Ti is really taking just about everything out there I throw at it. Sucks trying to justify a new build this spring / summer.
  7. Perfect price point, I've been waiting to get another SSD for some games and 1TB SSD for 250 name brand with a warranty like that, I'M IN!
  8. I have had 3 bad sticks of ram, 2 DOA Motherboards, another motherboard died after 1.5 years, in 25 years of PC gaming. That said, every single other time I ever had PC issues like these it was the Power Supply. I feel that that is the easiest to replace and shouldn't have to do a PC teardown, at least to me. First check to see cables plugged into GPU and the power supply are securely plugged it at the PSU {I know you checked at the cards}, and your at 90% most likely a power supply problem. I hope it's an easy fix for your man. Hows that 970 Holding up?
  9. I personally really liked the first one, bought the second one on a christmas sale bagging Dark Souls 3 {some fire edition}, Evil within 2, and Wolfenstein 2 for 60 bucks. Looking forwards to playing it after Dark Souls 3, meaning when I rage quit for good playing DS3! Holding it as place setter for the next lull in games coming out. Problem with me, I hold off playing games that I know for sure I'll like too long only to NEVER play them. Yea it's as depressing as it sounds . . .
  10. PUBG on Xbox One X

    Are any of you {just asking} playing on a "S" not an "X" box?
  11. PUBG on Xbox One X

    Honest question: Can this game be played and enjoyed by just yourself? Every time I see anything now on this game, live streams, podcasts, Youtube, etc are all now playing with at least one friend many have a whole group? It's also A HUGE advantage in a game that would be hard enough for me. I can fool myself and think I might be able to form a group, but reality is probably not! I was going to buy this game no matter what, but now I think I might just pass, I'm just not that great at shooters online for the most part, but I love them!! finding someone to play with on my gaming schedule would be tough as I play short periods all over the place. Playing PUBG solo enjoyable still even when it is actually really released? Plus I'm waiting on my Xbox X purchase until at least next year, hard to jump in that late too? I haven't ever even tried this game in any of the betas, thoughts?
  12. Buy an Xbox One X Get PUBG Free

    Ohhh, tempting but not white. Interested to see what deals will be available come 2018. I held off this long, guess I'm now the only one out there rocking his {white} xbox one s and no PUBG game. Sucks to be me, also have died 10 times now on first boss dark souls 3. Age? I just am not good at many games these days. Proud I picked up Bloodborne awhile back and loved what I did make it through not finishing it doesn't feel good. So that's a Xbox x, PUGB game and a 50 gift card? I didn't see that, no need to keep looking, i'm not going to do it this time, foot is down!
  13. Dark Souls rumors going around....

    Ok great I will buy this and promise myself that I will tackle it soon enough only to fear the difficulty and never touch it. Good new I almost beat Blood Borne, and I currently am playing D3 as we speak, only 1 hour in, and I have died 4 times, what the F&*^ am I doing with these games.
  14. Anyone ever had or heard of an SSD drive failing?

    OH MY FUC%$G God you guys just freaked me the fuck out. I haven't backed up my MAIN Home PC EVER! It's one I built for gaming like 9 years ago. Windows is on original 256G SSd {9 years old remember} and a 2TB Western Digital black. Stupid. I WILL DO THIS THIS Weekend, and thank you, fingers crossed it doesn't die before then . . .
  15. Nvidia announces Titan V for a scant 2,999.00

    I splurge pretty radically, but I have never bought or own anything that Highend. I'm drooling offer being able to get a 1080Ti maybe someday sooner than later, and now it seems I'm going to be faced with another decision a few month down the road, as a new card will be announced, I'll wait, and it will all start over with!