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  1. As long as it's under 1k I'm in on this one, but $800ish sounds awesome! Gonna give this 2year old PC to my Oldest Son, and gonna build a Brand new PC with a personal Budget of 3k. Won't need that much, but no longer am I gonna limit myself. Geezee this 980Ti / i7 4970k has been a great experience all around. I haven't had a single problem with this PC. Kinda got me fired up playing everything at it in 1080p, or lower stuff and playing in 4k. With the Scorpio coming out, this should be more of the same this year.
  2. CAN'T WAIT !! There is also no frikk'in way in hell I am ever watching a video like that, I stopped it it 1 1/2 minute in after he said he didn't want to spoil that shes the only one that Blaa Blaa Blaa. I'm looking way to forward to this game to see any more then the first E3 footage we ever saw. So close now.....
  3. Thanks, Thanks Alot! Knew / Know nothing about this game, but looks like I'll have to buy it sooner or later now Dammit. I second that Doom was just a fucking amazing ride start to finish, then being able to turn the tides and replay every level with a full arsenal, EPIC!
  4. well I'm in I guess . . .
  5. I tried, man did I!! My brother raves about this game and by far is is favorite game of 2016. To me I just can't seem to grasp it, I suck . . . I die . . . .Just don't seem to be able to figure this gem out. It's not for me, though and that's a shame, but I do own it. My brother will be happy with any/all DLC as he seems to no be able to get enough of this game . ..
  6. "I'm a Internet Nobody" Just Say'in . . . . Oh, and I'm Ok with it not looking for help or anything . . . . - - - - - - - Here's to a great 2017 boy/girls, men and women looks to be another costly electronic filled Journey, should be a great one . ..
  7. They are? wow, I've played my share, never seen one. Man the market place in D2 was crazy shit . . .
  8. I did Pre Order 1 from Amazon and Got 1 from Best Buy so my fingers are crossed for it's success. One is for my Daughter, other one unsure . .. .
  9. any Soj's {Rings} fall ?? I'm gonna start a new character for this a Paladin knight or if the DLC hits soon enough a Necromancer
  10. Why? Just say'in but the visuals are quite bad most of the time, and if you are asking: "ISuck at the Game"!
  11. what? ...wait, What?
  12. No you never gonna get it
  13. I use a Logitech G29 for this and it works just fine. Just thought I would Chime that in . . . . . I use the wheel set up on a Pro Racing Seat, G29 with a G13 {mini Programmable keyboard}. Just perfect. I always use Manual Shifting using the shifter too.
  14. Well received but never really had Buzz! Liked HR ALOT, grabbed this on launch day, just got some real time in this past month. It takes a Gamer of my Caliber awhile to actually Finish / Beat a game. Maybe 1-2 out of 20 games bought. I like this game / Version just as much. Runs great on PC 1080p for me, with some things turned down, til I got a solid 60. But smooth ever since. Sucks they really never get the attention they deserve, but it's a 8/10 for me, thou not finished.......