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  1. So pointless it's not a holiday in my country. Even Remembrance day isn't a holiday in my province that thinks it's a country. I guess I'll commemorate Queen Victoria, I may not have a holiday this weekend but thanks to her I had Monday off.
  2. Unreal Gold free

    On GOG and Steam and possibly other places https://www.gog.com/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/13250/Unreal_Gold/ The original 20 year old Unreal with the Return to Na Pali expansion. Also if you really like old school shooters to the point where you wouldn't be fed up after playing Unreal and the expansion back to back get the Operation Na Pali single player mod for the full saga. http://www.moddb.com/mods/operation-na-pali Also check out this to make it prettier https://www.oldunreal.com/oldunrealpatches.html
  3. Any of you gents wear a hat in the summer?

    What if you include TF2? Since I have no hair I make a point of wearing hats that aren't adjustable since wearing a hat with a big hole in the back would be a bad idea. Also I need something that's not going to have anything uncomfortable on the inside. I have a round hat that I wear in light rain that's easy to store in a pocket but other than that I stick to variants of the baseball cap. Look for something geared towards joggers so it'll be cooler and breathable for summer heat, avoid white as it won't stay white. As long as you're still in Germany you should get something with a spike on top or if you can't decide, just stack a bunch to make a tower of hats and look down on the hatless peasants.
  4. Which games should be my priorities on the SNES Classic?

    Some people actually complain about the greater control over the whip as if that made it a worse game. Many of the levels are basically tech demos of the various features SNES added but the game is good and while the music isn't as good as some of the Metroidvanias it still has some very good tracks (if there's Castlevania playing in my head there's a good chance it's from SCIV). It can be tough but since a game over only sends you back to the beginning of the area rather than having to completely start over the game you'll eventually be able to make it through.
  5. If you fund a game through Kickstarter you get a copy of the game but if you fund it through your taxes you get nothing
  6. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Maybe the 4 note music in Space Invaders not music-y for video game historians because it is older than the correct answer. Space Invaders' music is more like a sequence of 4 sound effects with variable tempo. I only played the clone but I just checked a video of the original and the music is a big step up from Space Invaders. Another game I considered, the first level was basically a clone of Space Invaders.
  7. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    This game was a licensed clone of an old arcade game (that was apparently the first game to feature background music). The clone was a launch game for a system that a certain member of D1P is fond of (ported to a couple later systems too) and the developer would later find great success developing games from famous franchises owned by a major developer/publisher. The clone switched the visual theme to animals, the tune of the music is from a nursery rhyme and the game had a primitive mini-map. What is the name of the game (you can say the original too but you need the clone and it needs to be the correct one not one of several others to win)?
  8. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Is it Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi? I can't remember much beyond the first levels so I don't remember if you fly into space in any of the levels (rather than an implied flying into space since you do go to different planets) but it's a trilogy of SNES sidescrollers.
  9. Hopefully the efforts at reconciliation between the Koreas leads to South Korean access to North Korean labor camps because these memory manufacturers seem to need extra motivation to behave.
  10. Our long GPU nightmare may be coming to an end

  11. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

  12. GPD Win & Win 2

    I wonder if that's what I saw on the bus recently. I initially thought it might be a 3DS but saw the keyboard and figured it was a translator or something like that. How is the weight and heat compared to a 3DS XL?
  13. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Dry Bones or Dry Bowser?
  14. Valve acquires Campo Santo (Firewatch)

    Slightly better than getting bought by EA.
  15. Rolling Gaming Trivia Quiz

    Is it the one with crosses and/or other religious imagery?