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  1. The worst was before Xbox 360 became the standard for PC gamepads and you had to try and remember which buttons B1, B2, etc were. For example take FFVIII PC (the original release) with a Gravis Gamepad Pro (basically a pre-dualshock PSX controller clone but the face buttons were colored with no shapes or letters on them). There's a part on a train where you have to press prompted buttons in a limited time. Back then I would remap the buttons in FFVII and VIII to match the SNES layout that I was used to from FFIV and VI but none of that matters when you're scrambling to remember which one is B3. Now I've adapted and can handle Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft layouts fairly well, but the differences in confirm and cancel buttons and especially menu button (usually X/Y/Triangle vs Start/start equivalent) conventions generally give me a bit of trouble when I just finished a game that used one and start one that uses the other before getting used to it again but I generally stick to default mapping now. I think it's best to learn the Nintendo mapping for the letters because with the Xbox mapping you can mostly ignore the letters and rely on the colors (learn the color map even with a variant controller that doesn't use the colors and you'll still know how to respond to the on screen prompt). So for the 3 you'd remember X, Yellow (Y) and Triangle.
  2. Almost every 2nd time I launch the game it can't communicate with the servers, canceling, exiting and then trying again fixes it until the next time it happens. Now in Legacy of the Void I've started having issues where saving is broken and I have to either finish the mission without saving or quit to be able to save again. Both auto-saves and manual saves are affected and I can't load either. This never happened once in WoL or HotS. After quitting the game and starting it up again I can save and load again until the next time it happens. Apparently this "save failed" issue has been around over 2 years. Anybody else here have either of these issues? How many more years until Blizzard fixes them? Looks like I isolated the save issue. Using the Restart Mission option in LotV triggers it, any saves after that will be corrupted until restarting the game (corrupted saves stay corrupted but after restarting you can save over them and the new saves will work).
  3. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    It seems to vary a bit, sometimes it's reasonable and sometimes it makes no sense at all, maybe its accuracy is tied to the value of crypto-currency.
  4. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    It's for the best, they would have just recommended pairing it with the slowest Celeron.
  5. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    It won't even let you select a Quadro K6000 as your video card so I can't see how well it would pair with the Xeon E5-2675 v3. Actually Quadro is under other instead of nVidia for some reason: 39% bottleneck, the CPU is too week for the video card and yet it recommended it for BaseD2's 1080ti.
  6. The "Is your PC bottlenecked?" calculator

    It recommends that I get a Quadro K6000 so I don't think too highly of it. I was amused by it recommending BaseD2 replace his 6700k with a 1.8GHz Xeon.
  7. So how big is Musk's ticket going to be given that his car was clocked going well over 20,000KPH over the speed limit?
  8. You could try toggling Windows Ink or messing with the pen and tablet settings
  9. So it's like 1D16 in D&D, but they said let's use the value of bitcoin so that we don't need to simulate rolling 1D10000. They should make the graphics scale based on the value of bitcoin too. If the value goes up, the graphics get worse but if it goes back down and video cards become affordable then the graphics improve.
  10. I think it's time for a new mouse.

    Yeah, I picked it up this afternoon, I was worried about the weird shapes but it feels great.
  11. I think it's time for a new mouse.

    This G500 is actually a free replacement of my old 2nd gen G5. I did use macros a bit but they could be unreliable, in the Steam clicker game holding the button for more than a few seconds would slow my PC to a crawl. In FFIX, for jump rope I started off manually clicking but for higher levels I use a macro. For Hippaul racing I also used a macro but with both I had to tweak the macro a bit to get it to work well enough. The G502 that Jason has is currently $50 Canadian (the other one is $80) so I think I'll get that.
  12. I think it's time for a new mouse.

    I have a Logitech G500 and I think that Steam Sale clicker game a couple years back and more recently FFIX minigames weakened the left mouse button. Sometimes when I click, it "turbo" clicks so that a single click registers as multiple clicks causing annoyances like trying to restore a window only for it to immediately reminimize or selecting things you don't want in some kinds of menus (i.e. Star Craft, select a build menu and end up selecting the first option of the next screen of the menu). I tried swapping left and right clicks and left click functionality worked fine on the right button (didn't see any issues with the right click on the left button but that seems normal since double right click doesn't normally do anything) and then I tried another mouse and it had no issues. So it looks like it's a hardware issue (I think it started soon after installing the Fall Creator's update so I wasn't sure it was a hardware issue until trying another mouse). I like the G500 and Logitech mice tend to fit my hand well (whereas say Microsoft mice often seem like they're designed for mutants) so I want something at least as good. I've always used wired mice but I'm willing to try wireless so long as it's low latency. Anything I should look at? Also any idea what's up with Logitech having mice with the same model number but different prices (the G502 for example)?
  13. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Early Access trailer

    No, the real F-35 should have been marketed as early access.
  14. Same except for me the first digit of my current card is upside down so it's a bit more urgent.
  15. I've seen it mentioned as a great DTS (DVD) and then DTS Master (Blu-ray) showcase. That's largely why I got the Blu-ray but I was pleasantly surprised that despite many people saying it was boring that it's actually pretty good.