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  1. I have done some more research (posted on official Xbox forums for Quantum Break and on official Remedy forums), and it's really starting to seem like Microsoft jacked something up when the released the Xbox One X patch in the beginning of November. It's well known now that the X1X patch for Quantum Break introduced some issues into the game. My personal belief is that they also patched the non-X1X versions of the game and introduced this very slight stuttering in the in-game cutscenes/videos. Be nice if anyone at Remedy or Microsoft could actually confirm when the last time the non-X1X versions of the game were updated, but who knows if that will ever be answered. Still a great game that runs really well. Just slightly disappointed that instead of getting 100% buttery smooth in-game cutscenes, it's more like 92% buttery smooth. Blah.
  2. Due the minor stuttering, when it does happen, not occurring at the same place in any one scene.. that would lead me to believe they are in some part, in real time. Yes, the game runs as fine as should be expected, noting that numerous sites have noted the game can't maintain a consistent 30fps.
  3. Ok, so another update. I cleared the cache twice on my Xbox One S last night. Uninstalled the game from the internal HDD and reinstalled to my external HDD. I reloaded Act 1 Part 1 numerous times to watched the opening cutscene, and I have concluded the stuttering I notice every so often has to just be part of the game. Several articles I read, I think one from Digital Foundry, said one of the negatives about the game is it can't hold 30fps all the time. Clearing the cache may have helped a little, as for the most part, each time I ran that cutscene, the part where the object with the outstretched hand and the camera panning away from Monarch Solutions tower were smooth. When it does happen, it is minor, I guess it's just enough for someone OCD like me to notice. I loaded up every other game I have and ran each one during gameplay and did not experience anything similar. On a slightly different note, I'm actually really loving the game. Always have been a fan of the Max Payne series and I especially loved Max Payne 3. Alan Wake was also a blast, and I like how Quantum Break has the familiar feeling, but is also unique in its own way.
  4. Yeah, the end game is so robust. So many activities to keep you engaged, and survival might be my favorite game mode of all time. Such a thrill to play and killing Hunters is euphoric. Looking forward to exploring the West Side Pier zone near the Intrepid. I'm definitely excited for it.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I googled how to clear the cache and it appears the only way to do it is to hold the power button for 10 seconds (mine turned off after maybe 6 seconds), then unplug the power from the console, wait about 2 minutes, plug it all back up, and relaunch the game. Loaded up the game, which I had also reinstalled to the internal HDD, and it didn't "fix" anything. Not sure there is really anything left to do? I uninstalled from the internal and am reinstalling back to the external HDD. I'm starting to think maybe this is just how the game was optimized for Xbox One? It runs smoothly almost all the time, except for a few hitches that last less than a second when they do happen. I know it sure as hell isn't my TV as this Samsung got specifically high marks for gaming on rtings.com. Funny thing is though, that in the video I posted above at about 1:42, where that object is going through the air in slow motion and a hand is reaching out to grab it... In my game, that is one place where the game will experience this frame rate "stutter", and it just is not as smooth as in every other Xbox One video that shows that same scene on Youtube. No idea why mine is different...
  6. Yes, I have been dumping hours into The Division and it runs buttery smooth.
  7. Ok. Just uninstalled the game and am reinstalling to my internal HDD to test it. I'll report back later tonight and let you guys know how it went. In this video, at the end when Jack is leaving the taxi, is kind of what I am talking about (try to ignore the annoying Youtube guy). I would say my game in total wasn't running as smoothly as this guys. As a side note, I deleted the 75gb download for the offline episodes and tried replaying the first level while the game was installed on my external HDD. It went about the same as before, where I noticed 3-4 different instances of a slight stuttering/frame rate hiccup in the opening scene (1 second where Jack is running through the explosions in the very beginning, another 1 second or so when the camera panned away from the Monarch Tower and city skyline, and 1or 2 more as the taxi was arriving and Jack got out. Hopefully, my original description didn't make it seemed like it did it all the time. The game obviously looks great. I am just a little puzzled if this is a deeper issue with my external HDD or the game.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am going to try it. Question is, should I: 1. Uninstall completely and try reinstalling on external WD MyPassport? 2. Uninstall completely and try reinstalling on internal HDD? 3. Use the move all function in the Manage Game screen to move the install from external WD MyPassport to internal HDD? Also, if I uninstall completely from the external HDD, will my saves still be preserved? Definitely do not want to lose them. Under the Saved Data tab (in the Manage Game screen) Quantum Break has my gamertag listed with 6.3mb in Internal. I've noticed in this screen, some games (like Gears 4, Halo 5), list both Reserved Space and my gamertag profile under Saved Data; others (Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood, Quantum Break) list just my gamertag; and The Division lists just Reserved Space. Should Quantum Break have a Reserved Space file?
  9. Thanks for the response. Hoping someone who also installed to an external HDD can comment.
  10. Same for me. Going out for a couple beers after work in Manhattan usually will cost over $40, lol. For the same price, I can buy a game on sale digitally on my Xbox One and own it forever and don't have to worry about excessive clutter from game cases (have almost 120 games between (Xbox 360, Xbox OG, PS3, PS2 that I have to keep because I am OCD about keeping my old games, ha).
  11. Quick question re Quantum Break on Xbox One (S model, not the new X). I have an Western Digital MyPassport USB 3.0 external HDD that all my Xbox One games are installed on. I have never detached it. For background, I have put in countless hours on Gears of War 4, Halo 5, The Division, Wolfenstein New Order, and Wolfenstein Old Blood, with no discernable issues. I've noticed some minor frame rate slowdown/stuttering during some in-game cutscenes in Quantum Break. It usually only lasts about a second. It's really that bad and doesn't happen constantly, but it is noticeable when it does happen. I don't recall this ever happening with Alan Wake or Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360, but I also ran those games from the disc (and installed to internal HDD). Not exactly the same setup that I haven now on the Xbox One. I've watched some videos of the game being played on youtube, and some of the same scenes (like the intro scene where the camera is panning over the University at night) didn't appear to have the same stuttering mine did. So that would beg the question... is there a reason for any of it? I don't think the issue is with running the game from my WD MyPassport via USB 3.0... I actually thought running games from an external HDD was supposed to make run games more efficiently. I tried turning my Xbox One completely off and back on, and then running the opening scene again, and it appeared to run almost perfectly. I later noticed some minor stuttering in the final part of Act 2, so I'm not sure if my resetting the Xbox One actually did anything. Anyone here have any insight or knowledge about Quantum Break running on Xbox One S? I'm starting to think it's just how the game runs on Xbox Ones (excluding the X). Thanks in advance.
  12. Why is FEAR 3 shit? Wasn't it made by Monolith? Thought it got good reviews?
  13. Hey guys. Bear with me on this post... So I am loving my WD My Passport on XBone, thanks to all who recommended it in my last thread. i went a splurge the last day of the Summer Sale and bought 7 games, to include Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood. Love W:NO so much that I bought Wolfenstein (2009) on X360, as there is some continuinity of story from RTCW through Wolf(2009) and W:NO. Buying Wolf(2009) got me thinking about any games I missed on X360, and after thinking long and hard, I thought of one game.... FEAR 3. loved the first 2 games but missed #3 for whatever reason. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting FEAR 3 ( or Wolf 2009) for that matter to compare to modern day FPSs in 2017. But in terms of story and gameplay, is FEAR 3 a solid playthrough?
  14. Same for me. No need to go crazy with something like yellow or red, ha. In the process of moving my games from the internal HDD to the Passport. Also have a bunch of games qued up to download after buying from he Summer sale.