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  1. I just looked at the underside of this smaller board, which I assume the PSU is attached to? I do not have any issues like shown in that video. Not really sure how I can go about diagnosing the problem. Anyone have any good suggestions?
  2. Ok, well I cracked the Xbox open, and was finally able to retrieve the disc from the DVD drive. As I suspected, the pinhole for the manual eject hits a piece of metal on the disc drive, so they must have eliminated that feature on my model. A look at the motherboard doesn't appear to show anything out of the ordinary. I don't see any blown capacitors.... There's three that look a little suspect.... They are almost in the center of the board, between where the power button is on the front, and where the heat sink is in the rear. I'm trying to post pictures, but D1P is telling me they are too large? WTF? Could someone please cue me in as to what I should be looking for, and where is the actually PSU? Underneath where the HDD is, on the right hand side of the console, there are dried "globs" of white stuff at certain places. What is that stuff?
  3. Ughhhhhh, doesn't look like replacing the power supply will be easy at all. Damnit! I wish someone who knew how to fix this shit lived near me.
  4. True but my problem is I want my saves. And since hard drives are tied to the motherboards, I can't just pop my hard drive out and put it in a new system. I would have to modify the shit out of it, and I don't want to risk losing those saves.
  5. Today is the big day, will be taking it apart in a few hours when I get to my parents house. From what I've read, a leaky capacitor doesn't necessarily mean that's what caused my issue. It could still be the power supply. So once I recover the disc, is there any way I can test the PSU to see if it still functions? I figure if the PSU doesn't, work, I can try to find a new one online to order. As for the capacitor... If it's leaked and it caused the system to power off, am I to assume that it ruined the entire motherboard?
  6. That does not sound good. Should I be able to tell when I crack the case tonight/tomorrow to retrieve the disc if that capacitor failed? and if it did, can it still be replaced, or is the entire motherboard dead?
  7. What exactly do you mean when you say "check the fuse on the plug"? Do you mean the wall outlet? I tried multiple wall outlets, and all other devices work fine. Do you think it blew the power supply? I was thinking maybe when I got home this weekend, I would try using an old PS2 power cable, since I think they are universal. I wouldn't even know where any old retro shops are in my area... Just tried this. Dropped it twice from bout an inch, also tried tapping on the top of it. Nothing. whatever is blocking the ejection port, seems like it's permanent, inside the case. Very strange. Manufacture date on the console is 3/24/2004. I wonder if this particular disc drive model didn't have the ejection port included. I believe it's a panasonic drive (def not the Thompson or Samsung).
  8. I tried that too, but it feels like it's just going to shatter the tray. I bet the disc is still in the spindle in the drive, hence why it's like "locked" in there. I will disassemble this bitch on Saturday. I think I only need a regular flathead, Torx20 screwdriver, and a Torx10 screwdriver. If anyone can confirm those are the correct sizes needed for the tore screwdrivers, that would be much appreciated. I'm going to have to go out on Saturday to buy them. My Splinter Cell marathon was a terrible, terrible idea, lol. And I only finished the first game. I have terrible luck.
  9. Yeah but my problem is the console won't turn on... at all. It's completely powered off. I feel like this manual eject isn't a true manual eject, since it appears to need power. It looks like my only course of action it to open the system, remove the disc drive, and then disassemble the top of the drive to retrieve the disc. This is so, so sad. Never thought my OG Xbox would have an atomic meltdown and trap Splinter Cell inside of it. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. There is definitely a silver flat piece of something in the hole, which is what the paper clips are hitting. It's like that piece is blocking me from hitting the manual release. This is so frustrating. I don't want to have to gut this console, because I'll probably ruin the disc in the process.
  11. Ive been jamming different paperclips in there for a while now, and nothing is working. It also seems like something is "blocking" it. Could the system suddenly shutting off trap the disc and prevent a manual eject of the disc tray? I'm almost starting to wonder if the disc is still being held by the device that spins the disc... if thats the case, I'm totally fucked... What the hell am I supposed to do? Any ideas out there? Even if I got the disc drive out of the console, which I really don't want to do, wouldn't the disc still be stuck? Ugh, what about trying to pry the tray with a knife?
  12. I just want the god damn disc. I am a little defeated here.... I'm not even upset that all my saves and progress from all my OG xbox games are gone. But I would like to have the disc for the actual game just to keep it in my collection.
  13. So maybe my Splinter Cell marathon was a bad idea. I think my OG Xbox just shit the bed completely. It turned off while I was playing it and now it will not turn on. I've tried reconnection the power cable, using another outlet, etc. Nothing is working. At this point, I just want to get the disc out of the console. I tried using a paper clip to manual eject, but even that is not working. When I insert the paper clip, it appears tp just make contact with a totally flat surface somewhere inside the machine. It doesn't not feel like it's hitting anything that I can put pressure on to remove the disc. So I ask, short of having to open the console and rip it apart from the inside, does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the manual eject to work. I never thought the system had to be on for manual eject to work...
  14. I don't know who that is. I am torn. I seriously want to get in on some good stealth action, but it will be a huge time sink for me. It just may be a bad idea. I'll have to sleep on it.
  15. Ugh, so after hooking up the OG Xbox, I started having second thoughts. I just don't have a lot of time to game these days, and I still have a backlog to finish on 360 before I buy an XBONE. I'm thinking indulging on my Sam Fisher fetish will end up doing more harm than good. I'll will probably set me back a couple months. Man, getting old sucks. I think I'm actually going to have to find some ungodly self restraint and not go through with this....