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  1. Well, today's the day. She's in labor and we're at the hospital. I guess we decided to not circumsize. Sounds like 40% at this particular hospital decide not to so it's way more common nowadays. So when he's in school he shouldn't get picked on for it. Thanks everyone for saving his penis from a knife. Especially @Keyser_Soze and @The def star. I will name his foreskin after you guys.
  2. Love the videos @Lucian04 keep posting them!
  3. Was gonna say... I wouldn't trust someone who doesn't like toy cars and halo
  4. I don't get the comparison. My penis is bad at math (it can only count up to 38)..But it CAN drive...Women crazy!!
  5. One of my wife's co-workers likened it to playing the harmonica. I almost peed myself when she told me that lol
  6. Hakuna matata indeed, LOL
  7. What's the consensus on nobushi? Played as her for the first time last night and seemed fun. Weak, but fun. Healing abilities seem that they could be useful. But I have a feeling I'd get destroyed, hard. I'm really digging the Valkyrie. Fits my playstyle the most
  8. Oh oh, I chose Valkyrie to "main" as.. should I pick a new one?? Lol. No idea who is good online. I suck still against bots
  9. Whoa! Tom Green, settle down! I agree it's a bit ridic with this game though
  10. That's your recommendation for best coop game this gen? A game that MIGHT have coop and SEEMED to be "pretty well received"? You don't like coop games much, do you?
  11. I haven't really even committed to any one character yet. Still going through the campaign. Valkyrie seems fun. I did terrible at first but took some time to understand how to play her.
  12. So this works with PC and for Xbox one right? So theoretically, it'd work with Gameshare if I had 2 Xbox ones like it normally would if you bought a game via xbox game store?
  13. So this works with PC and for Xbox one right? So theoretically, it'd work with Gameshare if I had 2 Xbox ones?
  14. Very cool. The thought of playing 1v1 right now is scary. I suck so bad lol. Gotta try the new characters that weren't in the beta.