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  1. Post your OLDEST game

      Because I have 3 older brothers all of whom played games, so if their games counted as mine, then I can't answer this thread because I already had games by the time I was born in 1982. But purchasing your own games for the first time is a big step in ones life and almost on par with losing your virginity to @stepee's mom. 
  2. Post your newest game

    This but I still need to beat UC4 lol. Too addicted to battleborn to play anything else.
  3. Post your OLDEST game

    Do you mean the first game I bought with my own money or first game I owned via birthday/Christmas present?  This is important to know as the answer changes and by many years . I technically owned a game Santa got me, but I didn't actually buy it. The elves did. (Do they have the licenses to do that shit?!)   Fuck you too, bitch. God.
  4. Post your OLDEST game

    Maybe, @stepee is a mystery and is true motives are never known. He definitely does have a magnificent dick
  5. Post your OLDEST game

    This thread is bullshit and you're all a bunch of fucking liars.   Unless you were like 10 there is no fuckin way you remember exactly the first time you played a video game and what it was. It was Atari 2600 for me probably. Or something on NES. I know we got NES when it came out in 85 but we also had Atari so I'm sure one of my older brothers helped me play it but fuck if I remember.   Anyways, point in you're all a bunch of liars and this thread just once again proves that people like posting meaningless shit and posting their first games. Soon we'll all be posting 50 fucking games that some asshole thinks are awesome.   Fuck you and fuck this thread. Goddammit.
  6. Battleborn is the spiritual successor to Monday night combat and it is fucking amazing. might double dip and get this on PC so I can get the other games as well
  7. I am sure i will get shit on for this for no reason but for people looking for a fun and unique multiplayer game, check out battleborn. I'm sure you can find it cheap and gearbox needs the love because they made a fantastic game. The characters are unique and awesome, the writing and dialogue is fucking funny like any other GBX game, and the character customization is super deep. And the balance is surprisingly good. No one character stands out as OP and learning your favorite character, getting good with them and how they interact with others and how to deal with threats is just awesome. I've put over 120 hours (in game) and haven't even played as some characters yet. I'll be busy all summer with it. 
  8. Battleborn and uncharted 4   For the other 2 people that care, it's "lootpocalypse" weekend in battleborn. Higher chance at loot drops in campaign missions and discounted loot packs. Gonna be sweet.
  9. What's your video game Mount Rushmore?

    Doom Donkey Kong Mortal Kombat Joust    Some of you fuckers must be like 12  
  10. Paragon. Anyone playing?

    The card system is awesome once you learn it. The carrot on a stick will be strong with this game   The long death timer is necessary because death has to have meaning. If respawns were instant, it would be difficult to push lanes and take out enemy towers and games would go on forevverrrrrrr. pick a character you like, live it, learn it, love it. And don't die
  11. Paragon. Anyone playing?

    It's 100% moba and not a shooter. It's like dota or LOL but 3rd person   Battleborn is more of a shooter but has moba elements but is not a moba, and is easy to play and understand.    Shits getting confusing lol
  12. Paragon. Anyone playing?

    Consider battleborn, it's fucking rad as fuck. Revisit paragon perhaps, it's early, they are constantly adding things and making changes to the game.   Also protip, don't die