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  1. Never played it. Had demons souls but never beat it. Worth a shot?
  2. Clash of clans. Basically anything mobile i can play in super quick bursts because I'm on baby duty. Dads of D1P does this shit get better?
  3. "Five Reasons I Prefer Fortnite BR over PUBG"

    I'm one of the few who own regular fortnite. I like it but yeah.....ehh...it's confusing, and takes a long time, and just kind of played out. I like it but it should be ftp by now This game was made for BR.
  4. Was wondering that as well. Paladins has heroes with abilities.....so how the fuck is that going to work?? Actually sounds interesting. Like how fortnite is more fun than PUBG due to destructible environments and building. Wouldn't count this out til you try it.
  5. Darksiders III: new in-game footage

    That's what I did for Darksiders 2. It worked cuz I just downloaded it for free this week lol
  6. Apparently he has done it multiple times and for money. He's been arrested so hopefully he and the coop will both serve some time for this. How did we get a point where merely calling the cops on someone is a reliable way to get them killed?
  7. Yeah old but still awesome. That older brother couldn't care less. My parents actually bought us an NES in 1985 when it came out in the states and no one knew wtf a Nintendo was yet. I was 3 so don't remember. But they bought it because my 3 older brothers loved their Atari so they figured they might like this "Nintendo" thing also.
  8. "hey bro....I heard you like to take away our internet's...how about I take away your virginity" -hero cellmate
  9. I remember this Christmas very clearly. I made 10 alt accounts for clash of clans, made a clan by myself and started a 10-man clan war and 100%'d the enemy clan. Dark days.
  10. Gotta burn those calories dude. I'm gonna make "mosh pit simulator" for VR. Gonna be sick. And shred some calories brother. It'll be like just dance, for people who don't want to dance to Katy Perry. And instead of lame ass dance moves you'll instead have to survive a circle pit without getting elbowed in the nose.
  11. Haven't played PUBG. But nothing I've seen would lead me to disagree with you here.