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  1. Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edtion $40 on amazon

    Most  criminally underrated game this gen   That is a good price for it! I can't get enough of this game. 
  2. Im on PS4.  Have you beat mission 7 yet? Saboteur? Mannnnnn fuck that shit. So hard lol
  3. Great game and great company. Hope it does well.    I'm having a ton of fun with the game. The campaign online with randoms so fucking insane.
  4. battleborn 31.73 on cdkeys right now

    Think we have to define what a MOBA is, because this is confusing as fuck lol.   It's nothing like dota or LOL. One more is inspired by it, but there is 1 lane. And it's a blast. The other mode is more like Monday night combat..and the capture mode is just your generic shooter mode..and the campaign missions are like destiny strike missions   When people say MOBA, I immediately think "3 lanes, towers, core. Pick a role and hope you have a diverse team"... That's not battleborn   To me it's just a fun team shooter with unique and interesting characters. Call it what u want I guess. Just hope people don't dismiss it immediately because others call it a MOBA.
  5. MOBA Monday

    Plus paragon is cross play between PC and PS4, so more people could participate. AND all heroes will be free, so no one has to invest any money to get a good variety of teams going.   Yes, MOBA Monday needs to happen when paragon launches lol
  6. battleborn 31.73 on cdkeys right now

    This game should not even allow you to play the campaign single player. If you pick the wrong character like @sflufan and I and many many others have done, you're fucked and you'll have a rough time and it's just not fun. At all. But with a few characters like Oscar Mike, it's doable and fun. But nowhere near as fun with 4 others.    IMO they should just make the campaign mandatory coop.   What sucks is you can't select the mission you want to play...you join a match and the players vote on 1 of 3 missions. And some people are looking for a particular mission and if they don't get it, they quit, completely fucking over the other players. They should've had you select the mission you want and then find a party.   The campaign needs improvement but it's fun. I'm still enjoying the game.   As far as the MOBA thing..who gives a shit? This is NOT anywhere near the same as dota or smite. There is 1 mode that is similar but there is 1 lane, not multiple so it's not confusing like those games. The other 2 modes are more akin to other shooters. It's hard to really classify what this game is. It's definitely not for everyone, that is for certain. But people who enjoy moba's and team shooters will love it
  7. MOBA Monday

    I'm playing dota 2??? I've never played it LOL.   Better check it out.     Can we switch to paragon when it launches? Fuck that game is good.
  8. There's a destiny thread and all 25,000 posts are about how much it sucks
  9. Clash Royale

    These D1P clans never work.   When it fails, look up "DeadWolves" and tell em runny sent ya
  10. Battleborn: launch trailer

    I absolutely would compare it to Monday night combat. Besides MNC there isn't really a game quit like battleborn. It draws elements from a lot of genres in a neat way IMO. I don't regret preordering. Can't wait to dig into it tonight.
  11. Lionhead Shuts Down Today

    What?? Black and white was awesome!! I burn your village to the ground with lightning and my giant chimp flings it's poo into the ashes
  12. Battleborn: launch trailer

    Yeah that's paladins a hero shooter. Looks kinda lame. These hero games are getting out of control lol   But seriously, look up paragon. It's friggin amazing. 3rd person MOBA very much like smite with some tweaks (like deck building cards instead of buying equipment). I'm only one day in and completely hooked. The characters are great.
  13. Battleborn: launch trailer

    Have you tried Paragon @keyser_soze??? I havent seen many topics here on it, so that game is probably getting hated on as well lol. Pretty as fuck and addicting as shit. I like it even more than Smite. Ive been playing on PS4, but I think it is crossplay between PS4 and PC and your stats and progress carry over so probably gonna download on PC too. you should check it out. I got into the stress test or whatever this weekend.   But yeah, battleborn prolly gonna fail Oh well, I'll get my fun out of it and get to play splitscreen for the first time in ages with the wifey  
  14. Battleborn: launch trailer

    Calling it "just a MOBA" is selling it short though. This IS a full fledged title with multiple modes, a full campaign (8ish? But they are long as hell and designed for replayability), and it's gorgeous with fun and interesting characters. Most MOBA's are ugly as fuck and you can tell they are free to play. Not the case with Battleborn. It's a full fledged title deserving the $60 price point. It's not for everyone though.   Plus it has splitscreen. I do not remember the last game I bought that had splitscreen so I could play with my wife. We have to play on our 2 PC now. We couldn't even play Halo 5. The first Halo we have never beaten splitscreen and that makes me sad.  
  15. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

    If I regretted it, I'd go buy it Too many games on other systems not enough time. Not much I care to play on Wii U to warrant a purchase. Not trying to disrespect people who bought Wii U, just not for me. My Wii was rarely used once I got my fill of Mario kart Wii and I know better than to make the same mistake twice   They can win me over with Mario kart maker though