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  1. @stepeeDoom! I am being told Doom is worth everyone's time and that would be so sick!
  2. Doom, overwatch, Dota 2 arcana (whatever the fuck that is) or Bad Dudes arcade cabinet (because I am a bad enough dude to rescue the president from ninjas, unless the president is Donald trump).     Or better yet, undertale! It is on my steam wishlist and keep forgetting about it.
  3. oh dog, wtf, is this for real? So it can't be a preorder and cant be a game that is currently out?   Someone recommend me a game on steam? I am Runny21 on there and built a PC recently and could use some recommendations
  4. 2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987

    I was 5. No one had cell phones and had to acknowledge each other and actually talk to each other and shit   It was fucked up
  5. little bit different for girls though. She gonna get cyber bullied hardcore now. When really she should be given a damned medal
  6.   I laughed way way way too hard at this  I love shit like this
  7. What do?

    I stand corrected. It is ok to snort blow out of someones asshole
  8. What do?

    Don't do it off of someones asshole. With all this butthole talk I just want to make sure that you know it is NOT OK to sniff blow out of someones asshole. 
  9. Do you hate anyone here?

    I'd fight just about anyone here in the street for real
  10. Would you lick a beautiful asshole?

    You lick one asshole, you've licked them all.   That's like 7 billion assholes you've just licked. Stop to think about that.
  11. Choose your faction

    we're all a bunch of d1pshits and that is ok   Because at heart, everyone is just a d1pshit
  12. Oh, hello.

    Do you mean "poles" as in dicks   Or do you mean polls like "how many of you here like big dicks"
  13. They're making a censored version of this game for the Australians called Resident Evil 7: All Zombies go to heaven. Rated E for everyone