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  1. Grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza

    Is that a spaceballs reference I detect?  
  2. I apparently had a seizure last night.

      sorry had to. lol...but seriously..go to a doctor ASAP

    Pics or it didn't happen 

    Do you ever wish you had 2 buttholes? That way you could poop twice as fast so you could get twice as much done throughout the day.   And if the 2 buttholes were angled slightly, the turds would come out braided, so that would be neat.
  5. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    So how is the expansion? Is it worth revisiting for someone who barely played the taken King and lost interest? Or am I better off waiting until next year to play it to get hyped for destiny 2?
  6. I should prolly look at character skills before playing them lmao
  7. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

    Surgeon Generals warning:  Playing this game in public will make you look like a bitch and will increase your chances of getting your ass kicked
  8. Spread Eagle is basically in the UP   never been there. I shall go one day!   Do you wanna go to spread eagle with me @Keyser_Soze
  9. congrats on 25K @TheLeon   who the fuck approved your icon change, though!?wtf
  10. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

    This is a more likely scenario than someone who is engrossed in pokemon go but is carrying a knife expecting to defend themselves with it after they have been sucker punched from behind
  11. Why the fuck is there another Runny? I chose runny! That mother fucker!!! Send me his details, I will kill his ass
  12. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

      I have my mind, body and decades of self defense training. no one can confiscate that shit. I keep my sword at home. Also my wife won't let me have a gun.
  13. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

    He was just trying to protect the local pokemon
  14. ummm I played a match and was forced to play as the sniper bitch and I didn't know what here skills did so I spent the game trying to figure it out and I wasn't being helpful, so yeah it was probably me lol. Yes, I am Runny on there But I was playing with bots. Just tried again and got stuck with that Fernando guy with the flamethrower. I spent the whole game doing the objective and not getting heals and thought it was ironic a fucking tree was throwing axes at me