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  1. Fortunately for PUBG, fortnite BR is in early access
  2. Yes my son's. It was awkward and gross and I apologized profusely and just said I was changing his diaper or giving him a bath. It's like goddamn son you're 8 months old I don't wanna touch that shit. Tuck it away. Check yourself before you wreck yourself
  3. Yes marvel heroes Omega released just this year on Xbox one and PS4 This is a shame...
  4. Do they have proof of the death threats? Or is it just someone mad and said they should be hung for their greed and EA is deflecting again? "Waaah feel sorry for us"
  5. My mom always said don't mess with perfection (don't get a tattoo) I mean... She made me. So kinda hard to argue.
  6. I thought cosplay was what nerds used masturbate to. So going by that...yes, this is ok
  7. Hopefully in the future we can do with console exclusives entirely. It's stupid and fractures the online community