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  1. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    Haven't followed CoD since 2K12 or some shit. Main draw? New one is going to be that bad?   At any rate, titanfall 2 looks unique and interesting. May have to play it.
  2. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    Don't see that being a big draw. 
  3. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    My apologies. We all know what the true TF2 is lmao
  4. Stand by for Titanfall 2 reviews

    I never played TF1, but TF2 looks super cool. May have to pick it up
  5. Plants vs Zombies Heroes

    I just downloaded it. Will check it out. Sounds pretty rad
  6. Lets talk Cheesecake Fatory

    Is this the "love" Brazil was mentioning in OP?
  7. It should be a crime. And a felony when the OP is a wall of text
  8. I refuse to play as any other god. It's gonna be a problem for me if I have to make a team.
  9. Looks interesting. I like SRPGs a lot, so if it's like that, then count me in. Lol @ people who think blizzard has ever had an original thought of their own
  10. The Ultimate Post on d1p!

    It is glorious!