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  1. By reading the comments I have learned to preorder early and sell on eBay to desperate dumbasses before Christmas. Except I don't do that because people who do that need a bullet in the brain
  2. I poop so much at work that at the end of the year I have basically accumulated a week of vacation. Oh wait...
  3. Yeah was gonna say....pretty sure I play paragon on ps4 with PC players all the time lol
  4. That part of the game looked goofy and boring to me lol. Definitely not for me I guess
  5. Looks more like a watered down, shitty version of shadow of the collosus
  6. Those games look like shit and look boring as fuck.
  7. Is your primary goal to make everyone's blood boil here? Huh? You sick fuck!
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/kotaku.com/battleborns-competitive-multiplayer-is-now-free-to-play-1795852533/amp I know this game came out at a horrible time and it got shit on for it and criminally underlooked, but it's seriously a blast. It's nothing like that "other" game and it's definitely not a moba like DotA or some shit. It's a genre defying game that blends a lot of elements from a various other genres into one unique package filled with interesting and colorful characters. One of my favorite games from last year. Can't play the campaign mode but hopefully this will get people to take notice and get some support behind this wonderful gem of a game! I paid full price on day one and don't regret it one bit. I put in 100's of hours and watching it die a slow death was hard. I haven't played in awhile, but will revisit now that it will undoubtedly get some fresh blood. Check it out if you want. Can't say it sucks if you don't play it! And those that do will definitely see it's not a copy cat game (even though it came out first so clearly is not) I think @nobody and I were literally the only 2 on this board to play this game lol
  9. I have been a DirecTV now subscriber since day 1 and I can honestly say it's worth it. Since being an early adopter I got a free apple Tv, 100 channels and HBO free for a year (thanks complainers) for $35 with no year agreement. That is awesome. I am so fucking sick of cable TV and paying out the ass for shit I don't need. With a baby on the way and having bought a new house in December I decided last November that we'd cut the cord. I am NOT looking back. It wasn't without hiccups though, the service paused for long periods of time, the app closed etc. Couldn't even watch some shows barely. But now? Smooth as a babies bottom. Only downside is lack of DVR and no real local channels. And no CBS. But we got a digital antenna for $35 and get 50 channels on that that come in crystal clear, and DVR is on the way (supposedly). I can't comment on any of the other services as I have no used them, but from what I hear they are also great. So it probably just depends on the package that best fits your needs. And as someone else mentioned if you have at&t as cell phone provider, then DirecTV now should be a no-brainer. Feels good getting calls from cable TV providers and promptly telling them to go fuck themselves. Their days are numbered. And when 5g comes out, so are internet providers. Fuck them assholes too.
  10. They will never be the dog lovers capital of the world
  11. It's pretty rad! Good job, guys!