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  1. That guy who threw the cigarette is a fucking piece of shit. But yeah, super interesting how it reacted and knew what to do
  2. PUBG Mobile Released for Freeeee

    Downloading now! Excited to check it out. Heard it's full of bots though
  3. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  4. Super Hot VR is so much fun

    It's the definitive vr experience. Who doesn't love dodging bullets?? Plus it can be a good workout!
  5. Yeah this gives hope to the paragon community and some are already on the ball to see it's revival. Im moving on however I'll take my loss much like Battleborn. But hey I bet on fortnite so at least I'm right some of the time!
  6. PUBG Mobile Released for Freeeee

    Will PUBG be free on Xbox as well? Not really sure what you're getting for $30 Will try mobile until fortnite comes out on android
  7. I got PSVR for my bday, so that!
  8. PS VR recommendations?

    is PS vr worth it? was kinda thinking about getting one to dick around with. and does it work with any steam games?
  9. Yeah I just don't get how this genre can be an e-sport. I'll give that a watch Spectator cam is cool
  10. Crossplay between ps4 and xbox one actually has already happened in Fortnite. once by accident
  11. I think the people saying it's boring to watch are either watching the wrong streams or don't understand/appreciate the mechanics Love watching Ninja, TSM_Myth, CDNthe3rd, etc..and when they team up...holy shit. so good. But I have a kid and cant play games much so I have to watch others do it lol What does Roseanne Barr have to do with PUBG or fortnite?
  12. lets all go back to WW2 now again wheeeeeee!!!! no thanks. take your lootboxes and shove em up your ass, developers.
  13. building is by far and away the most important thing to learn and get good at. It can make bad players at shooters good at this game. Watch TSM_Myth or whatever on twitch. insanity
  14. Tips for a first time REmake playthrough?

    remember that Jill is the master of unlocking