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  1. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

    If I regretted it, I'd go buy it Too many games on other systems not enough time. Not much I care to play on Wii U to warrant a purchase. Not trying to disrespect people who bought Wii U, just not for me. My Wii was rarely used once I got my fill of Mario kart Wii and I know better than to make the same mistake twice   They can win me over with Mario kart maker though
  2. Nintendo NX Launches March 2017

    If they do a Mario kart maker, I'm in. If not, they can fuck off with that bullshit   I didn't buy Wii U and man, I am glad I didn't.
  3. Gears 4 coming October 11th

    This will be my most played murder-simulator well into 2017.
  4. 343 should fucking grow a pair and stick with it.   It's Legendary difficulty, not bitch difficulty.   Want the legendary achievement? Fucking man up and do it. Don't cry to the developers that you suck. That's just ridiculous.
  5. I feel the same way @nobody. I think I've decided to take the plunge, but I really don't want to spend more time with the beta until it releases.   The game definitely is not for everyone, but is right up my alley. I like it.
  6. Like putting laxative in their drink?   It's only temporary and it cleans them out real nice. I don't feel bad.
  7. To do ecstasy and get raped.   Duh.
  8. Do I still get a title? "Full of Shit" Would be a good one lol. I was mistaken, I had only beaten the first one "The Algorithm". The first one was so fucking long I must have thought I did both   I went back and beat the voids edge though. Much faster than the first mission (didn't time it though). The first time I used that mushroom dude who heals, which in retrospect was a terrible choice because he is a team player. This time I chose Oscar Mike, and used some gear I had received from beating the first mission, which definitely gave me an advantage. Oscar Mike was a great choice because I could turn invisible and recharge my shields very quickly. I focused my build around armor penetration, invisibility and shield respawn.   That area you were talking about..what was challenging about it? I launched up there and killed the main dude with my triangle ability (which by then I was level 10 and turned it into a space laser which focused fire into a smaller concentrated area). The end boss was rather easy with the same space laser, but I had to turn invisible and run around like a bitch most of the time lol.   Still a lot of fun, but I could see people having a difficult time with it solo, and it is very time consuming, which will turn some people off.   Think I'm going to get this game, I like it a lot! It has a good mix of things from other games and I can appreciate the dumb humor like In Borderlands.
  9. I beat the campaign missions solo, but that is because I am a one-man army. It definitely took me a long time and I died a lot though.   I welcome it if it is designed purely for coop; As long as it has good matchmaking. I'm going to dip my feet in again this weekend and explore some more. This game got a lot of hate before the beta even because of it's "MOBA" nature, but I had fun enough with the first few hours or so that I'll go back in again to check it out. maybe even purchase.
  10. Fear Effect Sedna

    I also remember the lesbian theme from the first game. Played it all the way through expecting to see some scissoring or at least some finger blasting...I saw none of that. I snapped my disc in half and immediately went back to masturbating.
  11. No, that's their sister company "Rockstar Peter North"     Anyways, put me in with the "I don't know what any of this means, I just hope it doesn't affect red dead!!!" Camp. 
  12. What are you playing first?

  13. Funny I came here to post someone really needs to change their batteries in their smoke detector  wasn't annoying though just recognizable. I'm a little late to the party. I have a d1pcast backlog 
  14. Thanks guys. I barely remember posting this lol. I doubt you can expect to see anymore in the near future   Title you say, @SFLUFAN?? Man, I can't decide on one! That's too much responsibility.