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If you're bored with having the United States compared to the Roman Empire, then I've got a new and unique take for you!

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The United States being compared to the HOLY Roman Empire!



Germany is today a first-rank power: rich, strong, and efficiently governed. But just over 200 years ago, most of its current territory was a shambolic mess — part of the Holy Roman Empire, which even at the time was recognized as an anachronistic political fossil. More than a thousand years old at that point, the empire was a patchwork of hundreds of different duchies, electorates, principalities, kingdoms, church lands, and so forth, some of them just a few dozen acres (Liechtenstein is one of these relics which still survives), with an exceptionally complicated and illogical tangle of legal institutions overlaying them all. Surpassed by history, the confederation was ripe for the picking by an opportunistic tyrant.


The United States today bears an uncomfortable similarity to that doomed empire. The American Constitution is the oldest in the world still operating, and has been obviously out of date for well over a century. Half the basic mechanics of government are either malfunctioning kludges or a gross betrayal of its own founding principles. Countries that fail to maintain themselves to this degree often do not survive.



Considering that Donald totally wants to screw Ivanka and the Habsburg rulers of the HRE were infamous for inbreeding, we're practically almost there!

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to If you're bored with having the United States compared to the Roman Empire, then I've got a new and unique take for you!

This is understandably ignored background history in the article, but the irony of this all is that the American revolution kicked off a series of events in France that led to Napoleon being able to force some sort of organization on these German states. These same ideals that kicked off decades of continent wide war, leading ultimately to the crowing achievement of "national" democratic governance (the EU and it's member states, flawed as it is), and our inability to fully embrace these ideals lead us, if not now then eventually if action is not taken, into fascism and semi permanent minority rule authoritarianism 

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