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The Oscars side-step any self blame by demanding inclusion for the productions of all future nominated movies.


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via CNN:


Beginning with the 96th Oscars to be held in 2024 to reward films opening in 2023, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday that films will have to meet minimum requirements regarding representation and inclusion in order to be eligible for the Best Picture Oscar.


The new requirements were determined by a task force headed by Academy governors DeVon Franklin and Jim Gianopulos. They are modelled after a template inspired by the British Film Institute (BFI) Diversity Standards – guidelines used to determine certain funding eligibility in the UK and eligibility in some categories of the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Awards.


Starting with the 96th Oscars, a film will have to meet at least two of four inclusion standards to be eligible for best picture. This includes having at least one lead or major supporting character from an under represented racial or ethnic group. and at least 30% of all actors in secondary and more minor roles from two underrepresented groups.


In the meantime, an Academy Inclusion Standards form will have to be submitted to the Academy for a film to be considered for both the 94th Oscars (held in 2022 to recognise 2021 films) and 95th Oscars (2023 for 2022 films).


Source: CNN




No. It's always been that mythical "white mogul group at the top" who choose what movies the academy even gets to vote on that should be given outlines of inclusion and diversity needs. Now with the way this news is written, I guess former Oscar winners like The French Connection, Parasite, or even Black Panther can never be considered for a nod because they aren't forcing diversity into their stories when they weren't needed (or called for) to begin with...

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TL;DW basically since a movie to be nominated for Best Picture only needs to hit two out of the four new standards, and pretty much every movie already hits Standards C and D, this isn't really going to change anything but it allows the Academy to go, "look we're making positive changes, congratulations to us" without really changing anything. Even under these new rules movies like Green Book, Gone with the Wind, etc. would still get nominated. 

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