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Newly released records show that 1 out of 9 NYPD officers have confirmed records of misconduct

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One cop called a Black barbershop owner the n-word as he dragged the man out of his vehicle. Another explicitly told his subordinate in a meeting to target “Black males” for police stops. Another racked up a slew of abuse complaints while he rose to become one of the NYPD’s top overtime earners.


These are just a handful of the hundreds of NYPD officers who have received multiple misconduct complaints from civilians—complaints that have been vetted and confirmed by investigations. Nearly all of these cops are still on the job, and most received minor discipline, if any at all.


Misbehavior is not uncommon in the department: roughly one out of every nine uniformed officers has a confirmed record of misconduct.


This information is coming to light thanks to last month’s repeal of Section 50-A of New York’s Civil Rights Law, a state provision that shielded police misconduct records for decades.


They need to clean house.



The records show that 3,996 of the NYPD’s 36,000 uniformed officers have at least one substantiated complaint.


The most common known outcome for officers found to have been engaged in misconduct is “instruction,” the least severe form of discipline, intended for those who “misunderstand a policy,” according to the database. Many officers with substantiated complaints receive no penalty at all.


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Of the 36,892 allegations in the database, 3,796 were substantiated and recommended for charges, the CCRB’s most serious disciplinary determination. Of these, only 2 resulted in officers being dismissed from the force.

I work in a small company and we've dismissed more than two people for misconduct in the last year. It's hard to imagine being so safe from any kind of serious repercussions while also being imbued with a legal right to violence.

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