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Nintendo to not hold June Direct due to work-at-home hurdles


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Nintendo is telling partner developers it’s not going to hold one of its Nintendo Direct video events in June. The publisher has had a June Direct to correspond with E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) every year since 2013. And before that, it held annual stage presentations. But complications brought about from Japan’s work-from-home order as part of its attempts to mitigate COVID-19 are forcing Nintendo to push back its schedule.


Nintendo was putting together a June event. The company was lining up partners and was planning to unveil its first-party schedule for the rest of 2020. That included highlighting the Mario franchise’s 35th anniversary, which it’s going to celebrate with the release of some classic 3D Mario games on Switch, according to various reports.



More details in the article about particular hurdles Japanese studios face.

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5 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

Weird that everybody else can but Nintendon't.


Based on that article, I get the feeling other Japanese studios will be in similar hot water.  Fully expecting Sony's events and launch titles to be driven by their Western studios.  Or just 3rd parties in general.

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23 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

SE will be releasing FF XIV patch 5.30 and doing a live letter under work from home. 


... That's a bit different than prepping for an E3 unveiling or demo.


COVID-19 will affect every large studio in some fashion.  We're going to hear insane stories about crunch, both to get ready for not-E3 from home and to get next-gen games out this year.



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12 minutes ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

Hey give them a break, they're not used to communicating with their friends online.


Plus I hear their video conferencing solution is as laggy as Ultimate's online is.  There's no rollback so a lot of the details are missed.

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