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Looking for Castlevania Metroid games


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My good friend that never takes my gaming advice but always asks for it. When he does though thanks me and admits I was right. Well he recently got a Nintendo Switch and is playing through Zelda Breath of the wild. He like classic castlevania and classic Metroid aka never played prime or SotN. He also has a PS4. When he got the PS4 pro horizon zero dawn came out. He asked me what game to really show off and enjoy his new PS4. I told him that game instead he bought psnow and streamed ps3 games. 

so he has been asking about what castlevania games he should play and Metroid games. I still tell him to play SotN but to deaf ears. Well he is hot for Switch. Asking the same thing. He also would like a Metroid to play like breath of the wild.


i told him get bloodstained both of them. I told him it is as castlevania as you can get.


i also told him I found it funny he asks about this genre of games because there are so many metroidvania indie games on the switch. What are some others I could suggest he may ignore?

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Yeah, Steamworld Dig 2 is excellent.  I find most metroidvania games too confusing to be fun, and I think SWD2 and Shadow Complex may be the only two that I've played all the way through.  Ori and the Blind Forest is really good, but I'm not sure if it's considered a true metroidvania.  There is also a really cool looking game called Shinsekai: Into the Depths that seems like it's got a lot of the same elements - I'm excited to play that one soon.  Here is a trailer:



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