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Nier: Automata - For those who have played it, do you seriously lose all your chips permanently with a second death?


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I just wandered into an a mission in the forest that one-shotted me within maybe two seconds. Okay, fine. I went back and as I was interacting with my previous body, I got one-shotted again. As I had never died twice in a row, I went back a third time to pick up my chips and yeah, they're gone. Of course I remember the tutorial stating such but to my question:


Is there seriously no way to buy them back somewhere or anything like that? I had been amassing seemingly rare ones through side quests etc. and I can't wrap my head around this game actually permanently punishing you for one death to this degree. I get this is "we played Souls, it's awesome" but this is the equivalent of losing hard-earned equipment upon death, or rings, or something like that unless I'm not understanding the whole chip system's intent.


I was close to dropping the game as it is and decided to play again tonight after a few days away to see how I feel and this happened within twenty minutes. 'm trying to resist the urge to just delete it from my hard drive in case I'm missing some obvious mechanic or something like a vendor that you can buy your shit back at or whatever.

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2 minutes ago, Nokt said:

From what little I've read, yes you do lose your chips. Though most people just reload the last save.

Yeah, I wasn't bright enough to think of just doing that. But I haven't saved so far and it doesn't seem like there's an auto-save function, there isn't one otherwise, when respawning. I think at least.

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