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Does the Super Slim Have Bad Tastebuds?

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I have a strange situation here with two PS3s involving GTA V. One PS3 is a 320GB Slim and the other is a Super Slim 250GB. Both HDDs are stock, and the systems not modified in any way. My dad owns the Super Slim, which is the one causing a raised eyebrow. I played around with both systems running "gameplay diagnostic" test. Taking GTA V out of the equation, all games that I tested ran just fine non-patched on both PS3s. Oh, firmware IS the most current on each console. GTA V on the Super Slim was having problems prior to my involvement. My Dad told me that the game wouldn't load or progress to the next screen when starting the game. But when he did finally encounter gameplay, when it goes into loading in a cutscene it gets stuck in limbo. Then after awhile he said the system just stopped reading GTA V entirely, along with other games. The Super Slim still played CDs and DVDs without a hitch. I told him that I would check out the system for him. In the meantime I let him use my OG Slim. My Slim is very good condition. My Dad has put in many hours in GTA V with no issues. (primo) Anyway, I took the Super Slim and dismantled it to clean it. Well, first I cleaned the lenses in the disc drive. Dang, were they ever dirty. After the lens cleaning I did a basic test with the games. I got the prior test games, like, Borderlands- GOTY, inFAMOUS and two Uncharted games non-patched to play. No hiccups during loading the game nor any loading areas in the games. Sweet. I'll take it. I tried GTA V and now it runs, but still has the same exact issue my Dad described before it stopped working at all. Now I take apart the Super Slim. I worked some cleaning magic and put her back together. She runs a little more quiet and doesn't seem to struggle when reading games or movies. BUT GTA is still a problem. The disc is clean. No smudges or scratches. What could the problem be?

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to give as much info as possible in one shot. Remember, every game tested vanilla out of the box on the Super Slim. GTA was tested with/out patches with the same loading problems.

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I have og launch ps3 and had loading problems only playing CoD back in the day so I thought I had a bad disk so I returned it to the store for another copy and same issue.  Other games played fine but not sure if there was something unique to CoD during loading. I had someone replace the Blu-ray player in it for pretty cheap.  I don't remember what the repair guy said but something about the older Blu-ray reader in them sucked compared to the newer model.  Maybe similar issue here?

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