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Update: Eight killed in shootings at two hookah lounges in Germany, update - "far-right extremist" suspect kills self, his mother

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Islamists or Neo-Nazis - what say you?


BBC News - Hanau shooting: Eight dead after two attacks in Germany


An unknown number of gunmen killed three people at the first shisha bar, Midnight, before driving to the Arena Bar & Cafe and shooting dead another five victims, regional broadcaster Hessenschau report



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Of course, the terrorist left a 24-page manifesto and conspiracy-laden videos.



VICE News viewed a cached version of one of the videos, uploaded to YouTube just days before the attack. In it, the gunman delivers a “personal message to all Americans,” before launching into a wild conspiracy theory claiming there are underground military facilities in the U.S. where secret societies worship the devil and kill children.


A cached version of his personal website claimed that “Something very big is kept hidden from humanity!” and linked to the website of an American conspiracy theorist who claims to have worked inside “secret biological facilities” in New Mexico.


Peter Neumann, director of London’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, tweeted that he had read the gunman’s letter, in which he called for the extermination of various ethnic groups, expressed eugenicist views and revealed himself to be an “incel” who had never been in a relationship with a woman.



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‘Not a Classical Neo-Nazi’: What We Know About the German Hookah Bar Terrorist


But so far, no evidence has emerged that he was tied to far-right organizations or acted as part of a wider network. Peter Beuth, Interior Minister of the state of Hesse, said Thursday that the attacker had not been on the radar of police or intelligence agencies for holding right-wing extremist views.


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