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Kickstarter: Return to Dark Tower


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I just came across this on Facebook today. Pretty impressed. I LOVE what they did with Fireball Island. Amazed I never heard of the original but it looks like they did an equally good job expanding and improving upon the original.  Gonna back it at the $10 level to start but I plan on upgrading to full level plus the neoprene “board” over the next few months. 

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Finally arrived last week and played a couple games. It’s amazing. The app integration is so well done. Like it handles a lot but it never feels like you’re not playing a board game still. The tower is fantastic. I mean it’s superfluous, it doesn’t do anything you couldn’t have done with cards/dice but the atmosphere and sounds just ooze out of it. Very simple and easy to teach rules but in depth enough that it’s not watching other peoples turns. 

I can already say that this will be far and away our most played game this year. 

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