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Team Rainbow joins the Ghosts in Wildlands crossover PvE event

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On 7/20/2018 at 1:29 PM, SFLUFAN said:


To be honest given the limited scope of Wildlands mission design (and last months splinter cell crossover), im more interested in the cutscene interactions between the teams than with the mission itself.. (a bunch of breach and clears like in the side missions)


Ghost Mode and the new additions on the other hand sound great

Ghost Mode:

- With only one primary weapon by your side, you’ll need to choose carefully. You will only be able to change your loadout at either an ammo box, or by looting fallen enemies. 
- You will also need to plan out your reloads, as any remaining ammo in your magazine will be lost. 
-friendly fire. 
- And most importantly, with Ghost Mode, death is permanent. 

-True Solo: Those who are truly looking for a lone wolf experience can now toggle off their AI teammates in both our Campaign and Ghost Mode. Up for the challenge?









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The mission is actually pretty good, maybe top 3 within the game..

everything else about the update is dumb..


-the way theyve monetized everything and the crate system is beyond stupid..

-The Ghost mode unlockable rewards are basically an Elysium style exo-skeleton, the rest is prestige points for crates..


good game even in its base form

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