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Gunfire erupts at vigil for victim of Texas homecoming shooting, gunman still at large

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Two people were killed and 12 were injured after a gunman opened fire shortly before midnight, authorities said.


A spokeswoman with the Dallas Police Department said officers responded to a shooting call at the site of the vigil at 8:07 p.m. CT (9:07 p.m. ET). The responding officers learned that a disturbance at the vigil escalated and shots were fired, police spokeswoman Tamika Dameron said. There were no injuries reported, but several vehicles were reported damaged, she said.


The Saturday night shooting occurred roughly an hour away, at an event space near Texas A&M University-Commerce in Hunt County. More than 700 people were at the party, authorities said.


"I was told there's 750 people here approximately at the time that the shooting happened but nobody wants to speak with us," he said, adding: "We don't even have a vehicle description, we don't have a name, a nickname, we don't have nothing to go on to try to locate the shooter."





Meeks said the shooter entered through the back door of The Party Venue, about 15 miles from the school's campus, and began firing with a handgun.


After shooting a targeted victim, the gunman then began firing at random, Meeks said. 


The rampage caused the 750 people in the venue to flee, including the shooter.


"The amount of people that were there, the overcrowdedness of it – it gave the opportunity for this shooter to be able to accomplish whatever he wanted to accomplish,” Meeks said, per the Dallas Morning News. "When you have this many people in one place, it’s an easy target for somebody."



Family members identified one of the victims to local media as Kevin Berry Jr., 23, of Dallas. The other victim is also a male.


Among the 12 people injured, half were gunshot victims while the other half were trampled or hurt by glass in the chaos, said Sgt. Jeff Haines, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department.


At least four of the shooting victims were in critical condition Sunday, he said.


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