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Cube World releases Sept 30! Steam release


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Cube World will be released on Steam!” wrote developer Wolfram von Funck on Twitter this afternoon, linking to the game’s new Steam page. “Hopefully around the end of September/October 2019.”




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Who is playing?
The way the game progresses now is extremely interesting.
You no longer level up. Instead everything is gear based.

And on top of that, all gear is sorta "locked" to the biome you found it in.
So if you are totally tricked out in legendary loot, the moment you step into the next biome all that gear becomes dramatically weaker.
Kinda of a shock if, like me, you were curious to explore around at first.

Seems like the game is built to have you focus on one area at a time now.


I played about 6 hours today, and am really enjoying myself. 

The main tip I'll give to anyone starting out is go directly to a town and talk to EVERY NPC.

Any of them could have a quest. The quests will show up on your map, and they will be colored for how difficult they are (white being the easiest).

Do quests first, as each quest gives you good loot, and sometimes some special items (like your hang glider, climbing shoes, etc...)

Also, it's dramatically easier to fast travel in the game. You just have to find "Life Shrines" around the map, and then you can click on any of them to fast travel to that point.


Pic of me and my gear so far. I can pretty much kill anything in the current zone without any worry.





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