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National Security Council’s Intelligence Chief Is Leaving as the Rage Walrus Cleans House

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2 minutes ago, elbobo said:

you know what is scary, I had forgotten that Bolton was the national security advisor 


And he's only had the job for three months. Posting the flaming Elmo gif in response to that bit of news feels way longer ago than that. 

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29 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

He's done a VERY good  job of just maintaining a low profile.


Probably because despite being one of the biggest fucking lunatics in this insane asylum of an administration, he's one of only a handful of them (including the KKKeebler Elf) who understands the normal(ish) ways to navigate government. Such as not going out and making a spectacle of yourself unless you're specifically told to do so, a la Colin Powell. 

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