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Ok PC gurus. Need help. Take a look here...

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19 hours ago, maddux4163 said:

https://imgur.com/a/Y8f97cOCrap. Umm. I have a pic from my iPhone. How can I get you guys to see it? Been a while

The Asus MB is designed to detect an over or undervoltage hitting your MB.


This is MOST likely caused by an old/failing PSU, but...  It could be caused by anything in line with sending power to the MB (i.e. wall wiring, surge protector power strip, power cord to PC, etc.)  It could also could be caused by anything you've added new to your computer (i.e. new video card, new HD, new USB device) that is increasing the power draw to your PSU beyond its specifications -- in which case you need to get a bigger PSU.


In theory, it could also be caused by something going wrong on your MB and the detection is actually a false positive.  (In which case, you would need to turn off the feature.)

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